Mid-century black & white tile patterns?

NilaJonesApril 26, 2013

Hello folks :).

I bought a lovely 1950s sky blue tub at a salvage yard, and want to do some sort of black and white tile surround. I am hoping for design suggestions!

I love the look of black, white, and blue together. I don't like subway tile, and think square tiles would suit the era of the tub better. (Do you agree?) Dark grout is pretty much an essential in our climate.

But I don't know what pattern I want! All checkerboard would be too much. Maybe 6" skinny trim around the tub edge and top, alternating B&W, and the rest plain white? That doesn't seem right, either...

Do any of you wise folks have thoughts or pictures to share?

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One suggestion would be to look at DalTile mosaics. You can build your own custom blends to order. So you could pick 70% white, 20% black, 10% blue. That would be something a homeowner could have done in the 1950s. http://www.daltile.com
Their website is bad and their customer service is worse IMHO, but they do have the authentic tile used in original MCM homes.

Another route you could take would be to get cement tile floors in custom colors. Granada tile has a gorgeous blue pigment. You could design a pattern using blue/black/white from them. They have several geometric patterns that I think would work well in an MCM home. Their customer service is very good.

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Thank you, ChristaM!

To clarify, I am not looking to incorporate blue into the tile pattern, only black and white. The blue comes form the tub :).

I'm going now to check out the granadatile site!

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