Need help with plan for second floor

LaberglundMarch 30, 2012

The following is the plan for our second floor, which will house our 3 young girls, with potential for 1 more some day. Bedroom 2 is pretty much drawn the way we want--if we do decide for 1 more child, our two oldest girls will share the large room and each have their own closet. Our budget only allows for 1 bathroom, so two sinks are VERY important, but in order for that to happen the drafter took away from the size of bedroom 3 and 4. There seems to be lots of unused space in the hallway, so I'm wondering if anyone can come up with a better use of space, so that bedroom 3 and 4 can be at least a foot larger, but still have the 2 sinks, etc. What I was thinking is having a long, narrow bathroom where you'd enter into a small room housing the 2 sinks, and then enter thru a pocket door to the rest of the bathroom. This would allow for someone to use the shower/toilet while others are getting ready in the morning. I just don't know how to draw it in order to have access to both of those bedrooms as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Second floor

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Where is the potential, in your space, for windows? Can a window be placed anywhere on the periphery, or are some walls against a garage wall, under roof, etc?

Also, are you super attached to a vaulted, open-to-below room?

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I can get it to work, but you'll have to follow my written instructions unless someone else can draw it up, and you may not like the compromise of smaller closets--narrower, but deeper with room for several hooks on each side.

Make the long bathroom 5' wide and turn the tub so that the 5' length is on the outside wall. Put the toilet next to the tub on the wall where the tub and closet are on your drawing. Then put the wall across the 5' with the pocket door. Extend this bathroom wall across to the closet wall with the doors in it in BR #4 to have a place for the pocket door to go, and to make a deep, but narrower closet for BR#4. Add the first part of the bathroom and make it long enough to accommodate the 2 sinks.

Make a deep closet in BR#3 by moving about 5' of the back of the closet wall into the hall so that it is almost aligned with the stair rail. Take what's left
of the back of the 2 closet walls in BR #3 & 4 and connect those walls to each other in a straight line. Move the part of that wall that is not in the new deep closets toward BR#3 & 4 about one foot. Extend the wall between BR #3 & 4 to meet the wall that you just moved 1' in. Put a door into each room so that each opens flat against the wall between BR#3 & 4. Put a linen closet in the hall with its back on BR#4s closet, sandwiched between the bath wall & BR#4 wall.

Take a foot from the front of each closet to add to each room.

This should give you a layout that can work with some tweaking of the walls a few inches this way and that, although the closets may be a little smaller than ideal.

In looking at what I think is the roofline--is there any way to have the bathroom move into what might be attic space behind the tub and linen closet in your drawing? If you can, I would switch all of the bath fixtures to the opposite wall, to keep the plumbing in heated/cooled space rather than over what looks like it might be the garage. This would solve your problem, and probably allow the BR to be more than 1' larger.


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What about something like this? Bedrooms are the same size, just rearranged in the layout.

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You are a natural :)

Take a look at the attachment showing 2 options.
If you can not have windows where I show them, shower/toilet area could be modify to get a window on the other wall (to the right).
The rooms did not need to be bigger but as you had them, the doors took too much area out of the rooms.
I am showing the rooms with queen beds and with twin beds.
You do not need a bulkhead but show it just in case you prefer them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Second Floor

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WOW, simply amazing. Thank you all so much!
I will post the elevations tomorrow--basically, we are unable to put any windows on the 12ft lower side, as it hits the garage. Where the bathroom window was drawn on the right, that's the first little bit available for window space.
More in the morning! Thanks again!

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Here are the elevations of the house. So, as you can see, the garage is in the way for any more windows to be added to the bathroom/hallway area.

Here is a link that might be useful: elevations

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PDF with the window on the other wall is attached.
You can use a glass transom over the toilet/shoower/tub door.
If you decide to use this, you can print if full size - 1/4" = 1'-0".

Here is a link that might be useful: Second floor

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Thanks so much!

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