Glazed floor tiles with an unglazed feel

LinelleApril 10, 2014

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I'm looking at floor tiles for my bathroom remodel. Currently both my bathrooms have 12" porcelain tile floors, minimal surface texture (the kind that's part of the design), and a smooth finish. Not glossy or slick, but a glazed feel. It's easy to clean.

I'm looking at a couple of tiles that have a matte, unglazed feel, not rough, but kind of like fine sandpaper. One of them is from the Daltile Concrete Connection line. The tile is smooth but has the slightest grab to it. It would feel different under bare feet, but I could get used to it.

My question is, for any of you who have such a tile, is it harder to keep clean?

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Not really.....just basic cleaning.

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Thanks StoneTech.

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