Lysol vs Clorox Wipes

PatJune 6, 2010

Please, do you prefer one over the other for best cleaning?

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I prefer the Clorox wipes in the so-called stylish container. They seem much easier to dispense than the traditional packaging. The print on the container is immaterial b/c it's always stored, and I've never suffered from cleaning wipe tub envy.

In terms of efficacy, I think they both disinfect (and/or sanitize?) but Clorox doesn't require the surface to stay wet as long.

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I don't use either or any other such product. I think they are a waste of money. Plain soap and water works fine for me and my family and I'll bet we don't get any more illnesses than you. In fact I haven't had a cold or flu in 2 years.

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I am partial to Clorox wipes because I am very partial to cleaning with bleach based products.

I'd find "plain soap and water" a cumbersome approach for cleaning bathroom/kitchen surfaces.

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missmary, i have known for some time that Clorox wipes are "bleach-free," that is why I am wondering which is best at cleaning. They think if you see the word "clorox," you will assume bleach. Uh!

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They both contain variants of the same disinfecting agent, which is not bleach.

I don't use these often, only when someone in the house is sick, and use both brands. I'm a little sensitive to scents, so I pick according to which scent in the store seems least bothersome to me.

I wish Lysol still made an unscented kitchen spray disinfectant. It was terrific for disinfecting in the kitchen and didn't bother me at all. I haven't seen it in stores the past couple of years.

Whichever one you choose, be sure to dispose of in the trash and not the toilet- the material does not break down like paper.

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I don't use either one because they contain chemicals that aggravate my allergies. I also wouldn't want my small grandchildren to put their fingers on a table or counter wiped with one of those wipes because the fingers usually end up in their mouths.

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For those of you who think wiping with disinfectant wipes is killing bad bacteria, here's a study that contradicts that theory. Often times you are killing good bacteria and allowing the bad to go unchecked. I too, like bigdogmom worry about ingesting those chemicals.

Please check out this site. It is an eyeopener

Here is a link that might be useful: clinical study on disinfectant wipes

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The wipes are only used for cleaning the outside of the toilets, which happens as needed or after entertaining. Not really a participant in the anti-bacterial cleaning product craze, the disposable wipes are a matter of convenience (and part psychological comfort) for that task.

Lol, the article supports my gross-out reaction to the idea of using the same kitchen towel to wipe your hands during food prep, then wipe the counter. Ew.

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I like flushable wipes. I used them in the bathroom. In the morning, i'd wash my face, grap a wipe and run over the sink, faucet and handles, then over the toilet seat, then flush.

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I like the CostCo Kirkland brand. They are larger and sturdier IMO. IÂm starting to use them for the FlyLadyÂs Swish and Swipe which IÂm *loving*. My bathrooms are always company ready now  which really does feel great.

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