Natural cleaners for smoke and cat

Evy1954June 7, 2013

We have bought an use doublewide and the previous owner had male cats and she also smoked. We are removing all carpet and paddings, but I am searching for all natural homemade cleaners that I can use on the walls and floors before we paint the walls and lay new carpet. Any suggestions on what we could use? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time and suggestions.

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I would get advice from a paint store. I am sure they have heard many stories like that and will know what to do. I would think just covering it with a paint would work, but I have never been face with that kind of problem. Check the sub flooring for stains and smell. If the problem lingers after you are finished, try sitting bowls of vinegar in each room, a couple in a large room.

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Good for you, ripping out the rugs! Suggest you strip down every surface, then paint over with "Kilz" paint, oil base formula. It will seal off the surface and the odors will be gone. I promise.

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For this one-time massive job, I would re-think the idea of trying to come up with an all-natural homemade cleaner. Personally, I would get a bottle of Mr. Clean for bucket cleaning and a bottle of 409 spray for smaller areas.

It's hard to define homemade. Vinegar is a good cleaner, but is it homemade if you aren't making the vinegar from your own grapes?

But to answer your question, there are plenty of sites on the internet that will give suggestions for homemade cleaners, such as this one:

Here is a link that might be useful: Earth Easy

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Thanks for the suggestions and the Earth Easy link. I will utilize the vinegar (without making my own from grapes as I would end up eating them before making my own vinegar), and the oil base paint for sure!

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I dont think there are any home made remedies for smoke or cat spray, I agree with jannie, spend the $ and buy a can of KILZ it will be worth it, I've used it and it really does work..

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