KA dishwasher experience

merryechoApril 25, 2013

I have built quite a few houses and used several different dishwashers, but have found KA to be the best value for ease of use, reliability, and clean dishes.
So, in my newest house I bought a top of the line KA dishwasher. SO disappointed! Nothing comes out clean unless I actually wash in soap and water before putting them in. Glasses and coffee cups come out with rings inside, wine glasses still have lip marks, silverware is especially bad, even though I always use the prowash cycle, that takes over 2 hours.
Don't know what I would recommend, but it wouldnt be KA anymore. : (

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Somethings not right with either your particular machine or your detergent. If you're using a high quality detergent like Cascade or Finish tabs then something isn't working properly in your machine. We have a new Kitchenaid and although I wouldn't recommend it because it broke down just before the warranty expired thankfully, it does a beautiful job washing dishes that are never rinsed.
We don't bother with the Pro Wash cycles etc.. and just use the One Hour Wash.. works like a charm.

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These days the choice of detergent is very important since they removed phosphates. Try using Finish Quantum and see if that helps. If not, then call for service - there's something wrong with the machine.

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We have a KA, and not a top of the line one either. No issue with getting the dishes clean.

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We've had a KA, almost bottom of the line, machine for 2 1/2 years.
It cleans great and we don't rinse anything before putting in the KA.
As others have said, it sounds like there's something wrong with your machine.

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I have a new KA dishwasher - KUDE50CXSS just about 2 weeks. It cleans very well. I used Quantum Finish tabs with my old Bosch (which was horrible), and use with this new KA too. The KA came with Cascade tabs which I've also used, and everything was fine. I also mostly use the One Hour Wash with the Heat Dry option. I only rinse if there are big pieces of food on the dishes, and I am not going to be doing a load that day.

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Have you been making sure to run water at the tap until it is hot before starting the cycle? I realize this isn't possible if using delay start, but I thought the manual said to do so.

I have a new KA, too. Very quiet and seems to work very well ... I've only used the One Hour Wash with Heat Dry option. At first I was disappointed because the dishes as well as the inside of the washer were still wet afterward, and the silverware was spotty. I thought using the Cascade Complete tabs was enough and that they had a rinse agent in them. I added a separate rinse aid (also Cascade) and no more problems.

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