Viking D3 refrigerator - built-in trim kit - worth it?

seosmpApril 19, 2013


I plan on posting this on the Kitchens Forum as well.

I am planning on getting the Viking D3 referigerator. I'm debating whether it's worth it to get the optional grille/trim kit for the built-in look. My frig will have cabinetry on the sides, so it's just the top grille and side trim.

I think it would cost around $350 or so.

Does anyone have this and like it, or not like it? Other thoughts?


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I would say that it would be worth it IF you have measured correctly and made sure that it will fit. Ours was measured incorrectly (by Ferguson) and the rope trim kit would not fit with our upper cabinet. We needed about another 3/8". It was a disappointment but not a deal breaker. We love the fridge. So bottom line if it will fit with your cabinets then I think it will make for an excellent built in look.

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My contractor says its not needed and he loves this fridge and has put a bunch of them in lately. As long as the cabinets are built around it he says it looks great. It's also taller than most fridges too.

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Paddyspub1 - thanks - so you have this fridge? I haven't seen the rope trim kit for it?? I have asked the cabinetmaker to make the opening high enough to accommodate the grille kit. He has the specs so hopefully it works out! He's also going to make a trim piece in case I don't get the grille. I like to have the option later on!

JAM_SF - well it's good to hear the fridge is a good fridge! The cabinetry will be built around it too, so I suppose either way it will look good.

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