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CreekbumApril 12, 2014

I could not find Rabbits, so I made EGGS! LOL

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Lots and lots of eggs! How neat! I also like all the old clocks you've collected!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen,
I collect anything that will sit still long enough of me to get it home! LOL
I had fun making the eggs. Was long drown out waiting for the stages to dry, but, fun.


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Looks very Spring-y, creek ... love your mantle w/the clocks & eggs mixed in ... & those that you made below are very cute ... lovin' the 'yellows!' TFSharing! Jeanne S.

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Its so nice when I know someone is also an "obsessed collector". I like too many things and before I know it, seems a new collection has joined my others. I try real hard to keep most of them "small", but that's not the case with my Whippet/Greyhound figurines or my bunny ones, or my horse collection. I think I started collecting as soon as I could walk, always picking up pretty little rocks to bring home. :o) STILL do that when I see any.

hugs, Karen

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LOL, Karen I collect Rocks Too! Mostly flat ones, but any pretty ones I like. My Mama collected rocks too!

Love To You!


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You decorations look like you brought the sunshine right inside your house. What a great way to chase away winter!

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Hi Creek...never had a chance to welcome you back.
Your Easter display is very cheerful...Love the 'Sunny Yellow'.
I eyed your old Clock collection too (I love old clocks) and you have a great spot to display them.
'Rocks' !! They're nice to collect..if you have the space to display them..
My DGrson started a collection but ran out of space in his room, so now he keeps them in a large tupper ! Lol
Nice to see you here again.

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Thanks, I think that is what i was trying to do! Chase away winter! LOL
Actually, It all started with a flower arrangement I made for my Daddy and Mama's headstone. It was my Daddy B'Day and I wanted bright yellow flowers. So, I used daffodils, roses, and forthesthia (SP). Had daffy and forth, left, so I said that would be pretty on the dining table for Easter! It just Blew up from there! Literally! LOL But, Yellow is my favorite color.

Hey Jane,
Good To "see" you again too! I missed everyone! My computer would not let me get on the garden web for 2 yrs. Got new computer, so here I am.
The "Rocks" , Well, they are in every draw in the house. Put on a out fits and it has rocks in the pockets! LOL Thats' how organized I am!

Thanks for all the compliments! I have enjoyed the
"Yellow" The room is actually a pretty good size, and it is pretty bare, so, the yellow is not as bright as it looks in the pictures. It does fit right in. I like it anyway!! LOL


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Beautiful Creek! So tell us more about how you made all
your beautiful YELLOW eggs, please!!! I remember seeing
your gorgeous LR and love it.

Love all your clocks too. I also love rocks. Wish we owned
a BIG loader instead of a Kubota and I would have alot more
in our yard.haha


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I went to the Dollar Tree and Got plastic eggs that came apart. I guess they were for filling with candy. And, I also found the 2 smaller ones at the thrift store. So, it really does not matter what kind or size egg you use. Glue the eggs together, if they come apart. All mine were plastic, and had to be glued together, b/c they were two parts.
I then Took a roll of yellow wrapping paper, from Dollar Tree, and used modge podge to glue the strips of paper to the eggs. Let the modge podge dry, and keep adding strips until the egg is all covered. It does not matter how large or small your strip are. And you will need to squeeze them down to make them as flat as possible. Let everything dry and then when you get the entire egg covered, I just put a thick layer of modge podge as the last layer to make it look glossy! The worst part, is waiting in between drying times.

We have a Kubota too and a finishing mower. That's how Hubby cuts our yard. No push or riding mower.

The clocks are years of collecting, and have been a very slow process! LOL

The rocks, I pick up on the sand bar at the Creek!

Good luck with the eggs, if I can do it, anyone can! This was my first time! You can use paper napkins to cover them too! If you find a print or color you like. You don't have to just cover eggs either, you can cover anything you want!

Hope this helps. I am not very good at giving instructions! I posted an egg on the Christmas Site, that I liked. That's what gave me the idea. If you go to the Christmas site, go up to the photo's and click on it. It will bring up all the pictures that have been posted. There are all kinds of ideas there. You can use lace, beads, flowers, fabric, just use your imagination. Then I just used ribbon and flowers on some for the embellishments! You can use whatever you want. I have seen people use pringles cans and cover them! There is a picture on there for it too. They made a hinged box out of the pringles can. Very pretty, it was Victorian looking!

Good Luck! I will look forward to seeing pictures of what you make!

Love To You!!


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Thanks Creek, that's how DGD and I made the music and
thread eggs. We had planned on using some flowers and
lace on some we made.

I brought in my whole tote of crochet thread but we haven't
made any more. I have a jar of glitter modge podge I used
for the final coat on mine. I will go over to Christmas and
check it out. For some reason my home computer doesn't
do well on facebook so it takes alot of patience for me to
do much on there.lol


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