My Easter Pics

lynninnewmexicoApril 8, 2010

Well, I didn't get to put up any Easter decs, as we flew out to Tucson early the Thursday before Easter and didn't get home until Monday night. After seeing all your wonderful pics, though, I feel badly that I didn't get some of mine up . . . but NOT bad that I don't have to pack them all away now ;^D

Before I left, I was on the Williams-Sonoma site and fell for their Easter card wreath. It arrived here while we were gone, and our house sitter had it waiting for me. I just took a few pics of it to show you before I pack it away. The whole wreath view didn't turn out that good, so here's one from the WS site:

But, the close-ups I took turned out ok:

I really like it. It's 3-dimensional and gives the impression of old cards were cut out and attached to a wire wreath form.

And, this is where I spent my Easter, La Paloma Resort:

I took this on our way from the room to the tennis courts one morning:

I took this from one of their restaurant patios:

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The wreath is beautiful Lynn, and something that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. WS has the best goodies!

The resort looks wonderful. Bet you enjoyed your special visit with your son, how nice that you could all be together for Easter.

Happy Spring!

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Lynn, so glad you showed us your beautiful wreath. Your close up pictures are wonderful.

La Paloma Resort looks like a wonderful place to spend time at. Please tell us about your trip when you have time. What did you do for DD Easter? Just gotta know!!!


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Super cute Easter wreath Lynn.
Love love the place you all stayed. Such a beautiful place and looks so relaxing. So glad you had a nice time. Well deserved!


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I love that wreath, in fact I saved that pic when I saw it a few weeks ago on WS site! I thot I might try to make one. Of course it's on that list that realistically will never be all done!

The resort looks divine and I'm sure you all enjoyed being together as a family again. Precious moments when they grow up.

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lynn... I LOVE the card wreath! Now I'm going to look at that site! What a great idea! I love old pics/postcards/cards ...and this wreath looks so vintage! Your close-up pics are AWESOME! TFS! Jeanne S.
And, your vacation spot, is a dream place! Hope you enjoyed every moment with your family!

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Lynn...I too am a fan of that wreath. I love the look of the 'Vintage Bunnies'. It will be hard to put that away till next year..but will be such fun when you unpack it next year!

What a lovely place for a vacation... like a 'Post Card'! It sure looks SUPER relaxing..and must have been hard to leave...

Punk..reminded me too...what did you do for DD on Easter?


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No wonder you wanted that wreath, its wonderful. I'm so glad you were able to get it. Like LG, I had saved the original picture of it with thoughts of making one "Some Day". (yeah, like that day is going to come. LOL)

I'm glad you had a nice vacation, wish it had been in Phoenix instead of Tucson tho. ;p) I'd love to have met you in person.

hugs, Karen

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I'm so happy you ordered that wreath, I know you will enjoy it in the furture as we are now. I love the vintage look. The resort looks heavenly. I think I could learn to love the desert in that setting.

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Good Morning! Hmmmm, what did I do for Emily? We had a birthstone ring made for her and hid it in an egg. I bought her a multi-strand bead bracelet from World Market and a pair of earrings and did the same. We also stuffed a few eggs with money, which you all suggested, as well. Teens ALWAYS appreciate cash ;^D Thanks again for your great suggestions. The eggs and small pieces of jewelry were very easy to bring along in my carry-on bag.
We hid them on our private patio there, so we didn't have to worry about someone else finding them :~0
She LOVED it . . . and her gifts!
Anyhoo, here's a pic that I took out there:

As for our time with our son, that was a bit sad for us. He'd put in for a weekend pass, and being at the top of his class, was assured he'd get it. But, his commanding officer went away for the holiday and left a new asst. in charge, who turned out to be a real you-know-what. For no reason, he decided the entire company had to stay on post, despite all the families, like us, who'd flown or driven in to see their soldiers for Easter. He did grudgingly allow DS a day pass to the small town next to the post on Saturday so that we could take him out to lunch and dinner there. So, instead of DS spending a relaxing weekend with us at the resort, we had to drive down to the post ~ 90 minutes each way~ every day but Friday to see him there. As a result, we didn't get to use the pools as much as we'd hoped or explore Tucson. Instead, I'm now (unfortunately) VERY familiar with it's highways!
To counteract all that driving and get some exercise, we got up early every morning and walked the grounds, worked out in the exercise rooms or played tennis or golf (DH). But, the good news is that we did get to spend some time with DS most every day, albeit on post.
On the bright side, La Paloma had a wonderful Easter Morning brunch that we went to and then we had them make us up a yummy gourmet picnic lunch to take down for a picnic with DS and his good buddy after.

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Sounds like you had a really nice trip and got to enjoy the resort in spite of the daily drives. I'm sure your DS appreciated your coming, and it was a nice change of scenery for you--sometimes it's just nice to get away for a bit. Everything looks lovely, and having that gorgeous wreath waiting when you got home made the perfect ending to your trip. Luvs

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Great pics, Lynn. Glad you had a good time.
The wreath is pretty..saw it at the outlet last week.

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Lynn, so sorry to hear that DS's assistant officer was such a jerk. Sounds like you made the best of it anyway. DS will love you for the effort and that's what counts.

Glad DD was thrilled finding her EE and all the goodies inside. That's quite a private patio. So sad you didn't get to enjoy it more and with DS.


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