shark steam mop

charkoJune 13, 2008

has anyone else tried using the cheap microfiber cloths that are sold in sams and costco and in the auto supply stores? I hate to spend another 40 bucks for extra pads from shark.

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That sounds like a good concept but I'm not clever enough to figure out a way to keep them on the mop head. If I could sew....maybe a velcro strip or something.

Sometimes I use the micro fiber cloths in my swiffer instead of the swiffer refills ( the duster ) I just tuck the micro fiber cloth into the little slots on the swiffer head. It does a good job that way.

I don't use my shark steam mop much anymore because I don't have enough pads to do the entire floor. It was ending up dirty from using the pads too long. If you figure out a way to get the micro fiber to work let us know.

Good luck!

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I've been thinking about this too. I like my microfiber cloths from Sam's and I don't see why I couldn't just fold, sew (tack it a bit), and then put on half of a Velcro strip to use on the steam mop.

But so far my pads aren't getting too dirty, if I use both of them in one cleaning. Then I spray them with lotus water, put a little bit of dish soap on the pad and kind of scrub it with itself. Yesterday I machine washed them (after doing that)with my other micro fiber cloths, using a little ammonia. Everything came out plenty clean.

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A couple strong alligator clips, used one on each side of the handle above the rectangular flat surface, would hold the microfiber cloth on.

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Hi everyone,
I hope its okay if I jump in here with a different question about the shark steam mop. I read on one site that you shouldn't use it on no wax floors. Isn't that pretty much all that's out there now, with the linoleum? there's no sense in me getting it if I can't use it on those. I wonder what it does to those floors? Thanks!
P.S. Do they sell extra pads separately?

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As far as I know, the only floor surfaces you should not use the steam mop on are unsealed hardwood and the vinyl stick-on floors (because the steam could lift the edges by softening the adhesive).

However, I do use my shark steam mop on my vinyl stick on floor in a powder room and it is fine. So don't believe that--if you keep the mop moving, there should be no problem. (I also use it on sealed hardwood, and ceramic tile)

I used the Costco microfiber cloths and sewed up some in the same pattern as the cloths that were included with the mop and added some velcro. They work just fine. I would recommend inserting something stiff in them, though, like a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas (which I haven't tried yet, but is on my list of to-dos) The problem (and I find this is true with even the included pads, is that after a while, they get soft and bunch up under the mop head. If they were a bit stiffer, it would be better.)

In a pinch, I will just throw the cloth on the floor and put the mop head over it. It does fine for small spot jobs. I've also secured it with big safety pins, but that is a hassle.

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Thanks earthie!

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to answer the question about the no-wax floor: that is what I have. I can tell you what it does to restores the shine. That is what I bought it for and so far, about a month into it, I only have good things to say about it.

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