Garage Sale Teapot

CreekbumApril 17, 2014

MY $3.00 GARAGE Sale Teapot, and cup and Saucer!

Had to run to town one Saturday morning to get meds. Ran right into this sale. Could not pass it up! What a surprise.

This is the best one I have! Happy Dance!!


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Marlene Kindred

Oh my goodness! That is SOOOO pretty! Lucky lady. And the price is fantastic too.

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Thanks Marlene!
I think I lucked up and did very well! I was so excited. I don't usually get lucky like that. LOL

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Creek, your tea set is gorgeous! What an amazing find.
I love it that you found this set at such a great price too.
Do you have a special place you plan on displaying it?

I'm hoping to do some ys this year if it ever warms up!


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Love it!
So pretty and such a unique shape.
I love teapots and that one is really a lovely set.
Great buy!


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Wow...what a great find.
It's a beautiful set. Lucky you!


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Creek,What a great find!! the tea pot and cup and saucer are lovely.


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I agree with everyone. You have a lovely tea set and you are really lucky. Things are more enjoyable when you can share them with friends. Marylee

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About the only place i have to display it is on my antique treadle sewing machine in my dining room. I am in the process of rearranging to try it there. Not very good at displays. Yes, I want to go more when it warms up too. It was Cold and Windy that day.

Thanks, I collect teapots. But this is probably the best one I have yet. I don't think I would have gotten the deal I got had I not known the girl.

Thanks, I don't usually get lucky! LOL

Thanks, like I said I am not usually lucky at all.

You are absolutely right! It is just me and Hubby! No kids, no grands, just fur babies. No family comes. So, getting to share with you all makes me feel great! And I love seeing everyone else's find as well.

Take Care All
Love To You


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Creek, I'll bet it will look great on your treadal sewing machine.
Will probably be the fanciest decorated stand in town! I did a
vignette on a desk I had painted for DGD years ago and loved
it. I need to share my treadle machines more.

I always enjoy changing things up on them. BTW, I use them
as my end tables now in our LR. I came up with this because I
got tired of buying new end tables to keep up with what was
in all the time. Now I'm to old to care and antiques never go
out of style!haha


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I have never Been "IN"! LOL I just go with what I like. If the others don't like it, well too bad.

My Mama was one for always moving things around. Not me. I move to clean and it goes right back were it "belongs". LOL

Got the Treadle Machine cleaned off, but have not started on the vignette yet. Can't imagine in my mind how I want it! Maybe I will dream about it, I do that sometimes. LOL

I will play until I get it sort of right! Then I will post a picture!

Have a Great Day!

Love To You and All,


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Creek, that is one of the prettiest sets I've seen. I really love the unique shape. Can't believe the price you got it for! I think the Treadle machine will be the perfect place for it in a vignette!
Do you have a tray, some pearls, dried roses....stuff like
that to do a vintage look with it?

Many, MANY, years ago when I first started antiquing, I couldn't help but admire all the lovely tea pots I saw. I had to force myself to not start a collection, as I already had too many. And knew the tea pots would need more space than I could give a collection. But I still love them and always am drawn right to them when antiquing. And of course, being me, I do have a couple. LOL. Tho one set belonged to my late Grandmother. Its one of those little Demitasse sets, I think. Very dainty. The couple of other tea pots I have are rabbit motif, so they are lumped in my rabbit collection. :o).

hugs, Karen

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LOL, we are thinking on the same train of thought. I thought about the dried roses, the pearls, books and clocks. Have a pitcher too that has roses on it.
Don't know yet, have to get it out and play. I do have a silver tray, and a white frame somewhere.
I'll have to post pictures and let you guys help me!

Thanks for your suggestions!


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