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michelleturner94June 8, 2009

I know there are many services in the area but I'm interested in specific recommendations or which ones to stay away from. Studio city

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Try Angie's List. They are a well respected reviewer for such things.

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Funny. I just called a flooring store ton inquire about hardwood flooring. You see....last night Bubba took a blue marker to his cream-colored carpet. Ugh. Luckily, the carpet wasn't in the best shape to begin with, so I"m not heartbroken over having to replace it.

But, you asked about Carpet Cleaning

Last time I had it cleaned - about fourmonths ago - I used Stanley Steemer, our of Bowie, I think. Reasonable price, did a great job, and did the job quickly. Bubba's room (the one with the ugly carpet) looked great as the guy was cleaning it, but as it dried, the stains came through again. It wasn't the cleaners' fault, as it was some nasty stuff in that rug.

I'd use them again, but seeing as I'm getting hardwood floors, I'll likely not have a reason to use them again.
Cynthia edwards

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Twice we had our carpets cleaned using "Chemdry" services. Both times stains returned. We called the company and they sent their guy back to re-do the rooms where the spots had returned. I must admit the carpets started out filthy. DH has a habit of eating snacks in bed while watching TV and he has had quite a few spills. Anyway, after the second cleanings all carpets were much,much better. Try calling the company and see if they'll help you out. Chemdry is a national franchise.

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I highly recommend Stanley Steamer (or Steemer??) but I only do this when it's comfortable enough (weather wise) to open windows to help air and dry the carpets (also it didn't take very long for carpets to dry either which made me happy). I've tried Chem Dry twice - once on furniture and didn't learn my lesson. Second time was carpeting and they left a mess. The carpets were stiff and scratchy and they left little dirt balls everywhere which should have been suctioned up (didn't have this problem with Stanley S). I guess everyone has a different experience with these companies and their very different procedures to clean carpets. You might also look up for your area and see what people say about carpet cleaners.

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I just paid plenty for a steam cleaning job that did little to improve the look of the carpets. Furthermore the carpets were wet for two days afterwards.

The next week I phoned Metro Chem Dry. Their method leaves the carpets feeling and looking clean, no soapy buildup which attracts dirt. All the traffic trails still visible after the steam cleaning are gone. The process Metro uses is carbonation which dries within hours of the work. They use green technology. I cannot give enough praise over the results.

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