Microfiber mop

fritzgardenJune 19, 2012

tired of roller sponge mops that gather and don't ever let go of pet hair.

I looked at the Rubbermaid microfiber mop, but it seems to review rather poorly as far as quality of construction.

I'd like to find a 12" to 16" microfiber wet mop, pole and frame that is washable and reusable.

No Swiffer stuff.

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I would never mop up dog hair, I would vacuum first then mop. All that dog hair would be a mess if you washed the mop no matter what kind you used. It would be in your washer also.

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I have found no vacuum that gets all pet hair.

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I don't have any suggestions to offer, but I don't think any microfiber mop is going to release dog hair. Have you tried the PVA sponge mops?

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Do you mean polyvinyl alcohol? Odd concept.
I found these guys or were u referring to something else?

Here is a link that might be useful: PVA mops

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When I want to clean my linoleum kitchen floor, I sweep first (a "must" with four people, various crumbs,cat and dog) then damp-mop with a sponge mop dipped in any detergent solution (I currently use Top Job). The sponge heads are easily replaced.

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I recently got a Rubbermaid Reveal mop and find it to be sturdy and well made. Its thick microfiber heads are excellent quality; they have a good scrubbing texture and absorb a lot. It's exactly what I was looking for. The 16.5" size is big enough to clean large rooms quickly, but still maneuverable for small rooms, under the kitchen table, etc.

The Rubbermaid Reveal has a one-year warranty. They reserve the right to require you to ship the mop back, but it sounds like a phone call with description of the problem, and possibly a photograph, is usually enough to get warranty repair/replacement. I'm not worried about it; if it malfunctions soon, hopefully I'll get a warranty replacement. Otherwise, if I got a couple years' use out of it, considering the cost, that would be fine. It's not an investment like a Miele vacuum or something.

My old sponge mops are headed for the trash. They stay far too wet after wringing. And sponges don't grab onto dirt or bacteria like microfiber does.

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I vacuum first, then use a microfiber huge damp swifter like thing. You get it wet and then mop with it. The microfiber fabric pad velcros to the base and is removable so it can be washed. It doesn't leave any streaks on my hardwood floors. It's the best thing I have found to get dog hair off the floor. It is from Norwex. My niece sells it or else I wouldn't have ever bought it because it is expensive but I'm surprised that I actually like it. You need to buy the handle too which really does work great if you have a large space to cover, it's really big about three times the size of a swifter head.

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