Polar white marble on the floor ? Need your feedback.

lilloApril 24, 2013

I am thinking to go the way of Sofla all white ,with a Calcutta tub surround and the vanity , and the white polar marble on the floor , shower walls and walls . I am thinking to use grey grout with it . My vanity will be brandy wine with ebony glaze . I love the white colour of that stone versus the grey of the carrera . I will do the shower floor hexagon carrera . My only concern is staining , would the DuPont sealant do the job ? . I heard about another kind of sealant that they use in the malls floors. Need your feedback . My first day of demo is today . I am sitting and praying that everything goes well . Wish me luck

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Does the white floor tile look good with the Calacutta stone? The calacutta that I have seen, tends to read more creamy in places. I have seen some very pretty porcelain tiles that look like marble if you are concerned with staining or color matching. But I think many people have had very good luck with sealers to protect their marble from staining.

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The Calcutta that I am considering is white, I have included a picture of the polar white marble tile . As far as matching they will . Does anybody has a suggestion for good sealers ?

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lillo, you mentioned you like the white color of the marble vs the gray of the carrera, however you selected carrera for your shower floor. I have carerra on my shower floor and it shows white in showroom and in my garage, however once installed it is more gray/blues. This was a nice contrast to my white walls and worked well with the gray in the statuary for me. Beware it could change color once its set in the mud. If you do not want gray, don't go with the carrera.

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Thank you Sofla for the warning. I think I'll check the same design in Calacatta . Somebody mentioned on this web that they used a kind of white mud on her marble tile floors so the grey of the regular mud wan' t run through the tile and make it look grey . Did they do that on yours . I'll ask my contractor about that .

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that was me who mentioned the white marble is prepped with white mud first, allowed to dry before putting into the mud. That method was not used on the shower floor. It was only used on the white thasso. I will try to post a picture of the white carerra mosaic before and after application.

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Thank you Sofla, you are a great help. I am already going bizurk with all those choices and worries . I feel that I spend a lot of money to get a look that might not be practical or easy to maintain . The white calacata that I am choosing for the vanity and around the tub is $ 95 the square foot . I love the look and the colour ( this is exactly what I wanted ) but I am scared of the cleaning and maintenance .

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