Preliminary Floor Plan

nikki_rayMarch 28, 2014

Hi everyone-
We are starting to look at floor plans and building a house. Below is what we have come up with so far. For now we are just going to finish the first floor and will finish the second floor when we need it.

Main questions -
Is it too open?
Is the dining area too small?
Where would you put an office nook?


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That is not a good place for the stairs, IMO, specially the start of the stairs.
You need to check the proportions. 21X21 great room and then your master bath and closet seems to be so uncomfortable.
Fireplace should go to the master closet wall.

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Yes, the dining area will be very tight. I've lived in a home with a breakfast nook that was about 9 x 12. It was pretty difficult to find a table and chairs that fit in the space and allowed one to walk around the table.

I also don't see any closet for coats, umbrellas, etc. What kind of office nook do you need? Could you build something under the stairs if the fireplace remains at the rear of the house? My kitchen office area took advantage of the space under the stairs.

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Thank you for your responses.

rrah - I like the idea of the nook under the stairs, we just need something to put papers, etc. But we don't want an office because for us it will just end up as a junk room.

I would really like to keep the fireplace at the rear of the house - with windows on each side.

I am going to look into rearranging the stairs and the dining space.

This is a modular house so there are width limitations - and we are pretty set on having the front porch recessed into the house.

Hmm... I will work on it some more and see what I come up with.

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I'm not sure I would start from scratch (as it seems you have), so much as find a floor plan that fits your needs and budget and derive from that. To me, the house is missing some basics -- closest, chases, hallways to provide privacy, etc.

Also, if you want to sit on the porch, youprob want 8-10' of depth.

Think too, about the interior sight lines. Right now, when you walk in the front door and look to the right you see into the MBR. A bit odd. Always assume doors are open in your plan.

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