HATE my brand new shower!

debrak_2008April 3, 2011

We finally moved it to our new master bath yesterday. Today I was the first to use the new shower. I hate it.

We thought the clear glass door would fog up giving some privacy. Wrong it just gets wet.

The shower head appears to be too high on the wall so I can't move around to well without getting shot in the face.

Tried to shave my legs, you can't shave under the stream of water so I have to turn on the hand held only and put it on the floor, holding with one hand. Shave with the other while sitting on the built in seat. Its ok for your calves put not for the rest, had to then get turned around and put one foot on the seat (too high). With all that I ended up slicing my legs pretty good, blood all over a brand new white towel.

Open the door to get out and get blasted with cold air. ? There is forced air and under floor heating which is turned on.

Haven't said anything to DH yet. I can't believe this is happening.

Thanks for listening.

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It is so hard to plan all this stuff...I know I just crossed my fingers that it would all work okay. So much money and you never know until you use it if it will be ideal. So sorry you are disappointed. I posted some ideas in your photo post.

Here is a link that might be useful: your other post

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I'm sorry you hate your shower; I have similar issues with regretting my choice of brass shower surround. As far as the issues you're dealing with, I've found that the more you use something, you 'll find that you get used to it and it become easier as time goes on. I know what you mean about the clear glass...in our case we don't use the bathroom at the same time, so I have the privacy I need by closing the door most of the way. For the water hitting you in the face, Can you aim the shower head more outward so you it hits you lower and you can step under it when you want to rinse your hair? As far as the blast of cold air, I deal with it by drying myself off totally while the shower doors are still closed. Helps a lot. Again, I think you'll find a system that works for you and soon it will become second nature. I hope it works out for you.

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Oh dear, it is so hard to be disappointed after all of the planning and getting it in. It may be the case, though, that some small adjustments could make a big difference -- let's hope so!

As for the clear glass, there are a number of special films that can be added after the fact in any range of designs. They make the treated areas of the glass look like sandblasted or etched glass, and you can choose different degrees of opaqueness or translucency. You could check it out with reputable glass dealers in your area.

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Thankfully, there are several shower head replacement options available that you would find more accommodating. Regarding the cold air, two options include (1) adding a heat fan in the ceiling right outside the shower to blow hot air down as you dry off, and (2) installing a heated towel rack to help warm yourself up as you dry off. Regarding shower behavior and how it impacts design, our designer told us stories about past clients that would amaze you. For example, one of her clients demanded a very spartan shower because he only took 4 minutes to shower; he always simply got wet, turned off the shower, soaped up and washed his hair, then turned on the water again to rinse everything off. That behavior dictated much of the shower and bathroom design.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bathroom renovation underway...

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Thank you all for the support. I posted an update on my photo post. I don't know why I posted twice..sorry.

Sonic, Wow what a reno story! Please post finished photos. We are going to turn up the floor temp and maybe turn off one of the two fans.

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why don't you just replace with something more comfortable. i was hating my shower for 4 years, then - thank God - we decided that's enough for us and bought shower panel, and i love it! (recommend you to consider shower panel with rain jets, especially if you have kids, they just stay & play in the shower for hours - check Amazon site, i think we got BathTech shower). Best!

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You could get the glass door frosted. I got a piece of glass frosted years ago, I took it someplace and they sandblasted it, I think.

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I love my new shower - sorry to hear you don't like yours.
My door doesn't get wet - but does get steamed up. Though, since I have a steam shower there is a top to it. I also have a wonderful stream - I haven't had to use my hand shower at all. I have the Delta Laharra series fixtures. Maybe it is the way your plumber put it up - could you switch out the head to a rain shower head, they come straight down.

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I had a 3x5 shower with clear sliding shower doors on the one side - HATED IT - who has time to squeegie the doors every morning, not to mention the lack of privacy and cold.

I solved it with a white CLOTH shower curtain put up on a tension rod on the INSIDE - really made a difference. Doors stay clean, you have privacy, the white keeps it bright and amazingly its alot warmer inside.

Unfortunately we have moved into a new place with 3 sided clear glass walls (neo-angled?) and a door that swings out and gets the floor all wet!! - horrid - I am currently looking into the ceiling mounted curtain tracks and 8 ft shower curtains (10ft ceilings) - a pox on who ever designed these things - great to look at - not to use.

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it seems there might be some fixes for you here.

they also make ledges one can put in along the lower part of the wall (back?) for foot support while shaving. check into one of those. not sure how they'd be put on after tiling is done but there are usually ways.

the air flow - if you have 2 fans, maybe they could be put on different switches? keep the one closest to the shower off until you are out, dried and warmly tucked into your robe. then flip it on for moisture removal.

shower head - check with friends and family as to the type they have and it's 'aim' to find one that will suit you. They are easy to change out.

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