small space; where to put toilet paper holder/what kind?

kirkhallApril 29, 2013

I have legally finished my remodel, now just the stuff that require lots of decisions and decorator stuff that I am less good at...

Anyhow, I have 2 small bathrooms in my remodel that I need to figure out where to put the toilet paper holder (and what type--wall mount, toilet tank mount, or freestanding).

So, to help me--where is your toilet paper holder in relation to the toilet?
My choices:
1) In front of the toilet on a wall (shared with towels for the shower)
2) In pocket door wall--it feels close to the toilet (but I am long-limbed). And, I would need to be careful in installation to use very short screws or some sort of bolting system that doesn't mess with the pocketed door.
3) freestanding holder in this small room--next to toilet (either side?), in front of toilet (near where I could up a wall mount one)
4) tank side holder. I've never had to reach behind for toilet paper before. Is this okay? suboptimal, sure, but does it work? I have toto tanks, which aren't square. Any recs?

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Ours is next to the toilets in all three bathrooms. We tried to choose the best height/wall location based on "reach" for tp while sitting. We had to bias the holder closer to the toilet in the MB than we would have preferred (visually), because of the spacing between the toilet and the vanity. Had to allow enough room to slip a full roll of tp on the holder. They all work well. We liked this location better than the other two options.

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kirkhall--can you post your layout as a refresher? I can tell you we have some on the wall next to and slightly forward of the toilet (powder room & master bath) and freestanding ones in the boys' baths. I don't typically like the ones in front of the toilet especially if it's right next to the tub as it becomes an obstacle and the next thing you know the roll is all wet and you have a mess on your hands. If your vanity is next to the toilet, you could install one on the side of it. We chose not to go this route because I didn't want to drill through those pretty cabinets. So the boys have a freestanding toilet paper holder/dispenser next to their toilets (on the left side). Our freestanding ones are more of a European design where you just slide the roll on the extended bar (no spring loaded anything to worry about--which means the the paper roll actually ends up on the bar vs the countertop/back of the toilet/etc) and it has space at the bottom that holds 3 extra rolls of paper.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, I can post up my floorplan, but not until this evening. Doing the lunch rush now, then off to help with some things at kids' school. I'll even try to post some pics, but that might be tricky since picasaweb "upgraded" a few things...

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It will be better to keep this near to your closet. This setting will make sure you have everything within reach when you need it! It will be best if we have a handy magazine rack and storage for three additional tissue rolls along with the toilet paper holder. So that your stocks will never run out again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toilet Caddies

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My personal preference is wall mounted or freestanding where you don't have to reach behind to get to the toilet paper. When we redid our powder room I chose a wall mounted single post holder. It was so much easier for my son to replace the TP (relative to the spring holder), that we used this style when we updated his bathroom as well.

I linked one style to show you what I mean, but they come in any style to match your decor

Here is a link that might be useful: single post holder

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We opted for the recessed TP holder in our small space. We got the Delta brand, in chrome, and we like it a lot. It has a metal spring bar and holds the big rolls. We placed it in the wall to the right of the toilet. I'm happy not to have to worry about any more holders getting loose, ruining the sheetrock, etc from idiots who think it's fine to use them to help get off the commode!

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Familiar question! My preference is to have it on a side wall next to the toilet, if there is a wall to put it on. I like it best in line with or just forward of my knee and about waist high when sitting. I find that makes it easiest to reach for the TP without learning or twisting (something I cannot do because of herniated disks). HOWEVER, we just redid the guest bathroom and I must have been asleep at the wheel when the architect specified the vanity size. The toilet is on a long wall between the vanity and the tub. There is about 21" between the vanity and the toilet and a little more to the tub. My options for the TP holder are (1) on the back wall behind the toilet, (2) on the side of the vanity and (3) opposite the toilet - about 3 foot span - on the wall where the towel bars are going. None of these are good options for someone who can't twist and reach and especially not for a child who, I think, might fall off the toilet just trying to reach! Had I been alert, I would have made the vanity longer than the 36" it is and mounted the holder on the side of the vanity, closer to the toilet. This is still not ideal because the vanity is only 21" deep and the toilet comes out beyond that so there would still be twisting to reach. I am reluctant to use a free-standing holder because the ones I have seen in peoples' homes look cheap and often seem to rust. Any ideas?

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