a lot going on in May...

PurplemoonApril 21, 2010

OA has me looking at 'celebrated' holidays now, LOL.

And May sure has a bunch to choose from. Or rather the first of May has choices to make for tables I should say.

That might be a fun "Pick Your Table Day", what do y'all think?

May 1st is May Day, Kentucky Derby Day, Mother Goose Day

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo

May 9th is Mother's Day

May 31st is Memorial Day

hugs, Karen

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Here's a couple more:

May 10 is Golden Spike Day. Golden Spike Day commemorates the completion of the world's first transcontinental railroad where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met on May 10, 1869. Along those same lines, May 8 is National Train Day.

May 15th is Straw Hat Day. In the days when men all wore hats when out of doors, "Straw Hat Day", the day when men switched from wearing their winter hats to their summer hats, was seen as a sign of the beginning of summer.

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I think if you scroll back many, many pages we do have a list we made one year of all the holidays.
There is always something to celebrate! Waking up every morning is a good thing to celebrate...

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Here! here! kathleen! I totally agree with your last sentence! Jeanne S.

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Sounds to me like our Miss Karen is getting the tablescaping "bug" now! LOL It is great to hear you are ready for more Karen. ;o)

Kathleen, you make an excellent point--however most of us don't do a special tablescape to celebrate "everyday" although I agree that we probably should. ;o)

I did good to figure out something for our Earth Day table post--I'll have to think on some of the others a bit.


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If you run out of anything else, you can figure out how I'm going to set up 6 tables for 8 ladies, and not spend any money :^( (It's for the 8th of May)

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Delegate! Ask two or three of them to decorate a couple tables each--stop trying to do it all yourself! ;o)

Otherwise, go with a "nature" theme and collect trimmings from bushes, vines, etc. Add in a few rocks, some moss, and a few clipped blooms. The trimmings will only last the one day, but they look nice and they are cheap.

You just have your ladies so spoiled Jaybird. You're a sweet, giving lady.


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jaybird...I agree...luvs "nature" theme would be "cheap" and wonderful! And then maybe splurge on a roll of gold ribbon to make a bow & add a tag, "Mother's are worth their weight in gold!" Have fun with whatever you do! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, that is a great idea..
Luvs, I was kidding, I just meant I celebrate everyday I can get out of bed and do something!
No, no special tables everyday! A piece of chocolate?? :)

Jay, you are so good to do these parties..A real Pearl Mesta as my mom used to say..of course I had no idea who that was!

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Say, Kathleen, I didn't know who she was. I looked her up. You know, I always knew that the Berlin musical was based on a real person, but never knew who it was. I heard my mother refer to "the hostess with the mostes," but never knew where that expression originated either. Man. You learn something new everyday.

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Kathleen, I knew you were kidding, but actually it truly is something to be thankful for. Life is good. I saw a cute sign that is appropriate to your idea about the chocolate: "I'd give up chocolate, BUT I'm no quitter".;o)


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OA, I didn't know Hostess with the Mostess was attributed to her..so many sayings I have heard that I never really understood! And yes, we should learn something new everyday.
I just learned what Joe Pye weed was..a forum friend from KS told me she was pulling them out..but then I see you can buy seeds for them!
I do know the def of weed according to the text we used..
Weed..anything that grows where you don't want it!

Luvs, there are so many cute signs aren't there?

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You ladies have been busy on here and that's a good thing. Love to come here and read and smile or laugh and learn new things!


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Y'all are just pretty cute!!! I am actually doing a birdhouse/bush trimming/flower garden flowers act for my little ladies. The "theme" is ladies in the garden, so I am doing all sorts of wacky things! The project this weekend was a "wreath" made out of a garden hose, and decorated with gardening tools and a big bow. It will go at the front door on an easel as they come in. Sometime soon I will give you a rundown of all the crazy stuff we are having. I need to put you all on a retainer for ideas...we have a busy summer coming up!!
Hugs to you all,

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Oh, Jaybird, I have a couple pictures of those hose wreaths saved in my "someday" file. They are so neat! Hope you will share some pics of your event with us, your ladies are so lucky to have you help with all these events. Luvs

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