My skinny small bathroom redo

hags00April 6, 2012

Tore the original 1959 bathroom down to studs and renovated. This is the only full bath in a 1500 sq ft ranch so I wanted to get two sinks in. The bathroom is only 4' by 10' long plus the alcove for a standard size tub. There was not enough room to put standard depth sinks and I am not a pedestal sink fan. Pleased with how it came out, not bad for a 50 year old, female DIYer!

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Lynne Reno

'page not found'

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See if this link works

Here is a link that might be useful: Skinny bathroom

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Well done. I like those roomy sinks. You got a lot in your space without it seeming cramped.

I swear I had your old wallpaper back in the 70's.

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Omigosh what a difference!! Really nice job. Love those sinks. It looks like you've created a functional as well as beautiful bathroom, with all that storage, too. Love the backsplash; not to to, but just a little accent.

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That's quite a transformation! What is the paint color?

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Paint is BM Buxton Blue.

The sinks and cabinets are IKEA. They were the only thing I could find in my budget that were narrow enough. The cabinets were their standard ugly white laminate and I painted them. It has been 8 months and they are holding up beautifully, no scratches or chips, wipe clean.

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What an impressive job you've done - bravo! Great color and I really love your mirrors, as well as overall use of space. I'm in the middle of a similar redo (except I'm paying someone else to do it). I've got the same Archer tub with a narrow bit of wall left on the plumbing wall down to the floor. I've discovered that the distance from the tub edge to the wall at the tub deck is 1", but has tapered down to 3/4" at the floor. The wall is perfectly vertical according to my level. Did you find that your Archer tub is perfectly vertical, or does it have the tiniest taper to its apron? Thanks!

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Boy, that original bathroom tile was in great shape. Amazing how well made things were in 1959.

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That is beautiful!! I love the new tile, and the paint color is so soothing!


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My Archer has the same taper you describe. I imagine it is necessary to help it pull successfully out of the mold. If you look closely you can see it in the tile but no one else would notice.

The tile on the floor and walls was in fantastic shape. In the tub there was one crack running around the entire tub on the second tile up that they had caulked. It must have done some major settling or shifting shortly after being installed.

I kept the 50's powder room, mosaic green on the floor, green tile walls, tiny green sink and green toilet! Had to have a toilet seat made to match but the rest was perfect!! Too fun to pull out!

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Thanks so much for the info on the tub taper; I can cross that off my list of concerns for my GC. When my redo is complete, I'll post pictures of my 'before', which sounds errily similar to your powder room, sans the green fixtures.

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I really love what you did with your bathroom. Mine's a narrow long room too.

Two questions:
1. What color is your wall paint? Not totally happy with my color. Yours looks great. far less "baby-boy nursery blue" and more restful. (I just painted mine; now's the time to correct my error if I'm going to).
2. What kind of paint did you use to paint the IKEA cabinets? Did you use regular wall paint? Enamel? Rustoleum spray type thing? I would like to paint one of those over-the-toilet a different color. Part of it is this super-slick laminate and I'm afraid it isn't something I could sand.


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I'm glad you kept the green bathroom. I'd love to see a photo of it- your pink was so pristine.

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I have the same question: what paint did you use? Did you use a special "sticks to everything" primer? I am using such a primer when painting over the PAX doors in our master bedroom, but they're not laminate. I understand that Fusion spray paint sticks to plastic...just guessing here...what did you use and how are they holding up? TIA and congrats on the gorgeous bath.

OH, and what are the mirrors? Are they Ikea too? Please tell me...they look like strong contenders for use in our powder room : )

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The wall paint is Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue.

This is how I painted the cabinets, they were IKEA white laminate. I lightly sanded them. Then using a foam roller I rolled them with two coats of KILZ oil based primer, then rolled them with 2 coats of BM Waterborne Satin Impervo. I very lightly sanded before each coat of both primer and paint to knock down high spots and get a smooth finish. They have held up beautifully and wipe clean. I have no chips after almost a year now.

The mirrors were from
They are one of my favorite parts of the whole room.

I will post some pictures of my green bathroom! It is really fun and two ugly/cute to pull out!

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Love all the details--they really make your bathroom a knockout!

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Here is the link to my silly green powder room. Many people who walked in my house when I bought it said, "that is the first thing I would change!" To which I replied, "it is the only thing I am not changing." I updated every wall, floor, lighting, doors and trim in every room as well as the kitchen and main bath. But I left the green powder room!

I removed the wallpaper and painted, (very pale green, can't tell in photos), took the sink off the wall, cleaned it up, put a new faucet on it and replumbed it, new medicine cabinet and new light fixture and got a green toilet seat.

And of course, if you are going to have a silly little green powder room, a parade of Haitian geckos adds to the silliness and are quite the conversation piece!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Silly Little 1950's Green Powder Room!

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Wow, nice job! I really like the sinks, too-- we are designing a small bath and a pedestal keeps showing up on the plans-- but I don't like them, and need to find another small sink option, so this is helpful.

Also, do you find the Archer to be comfortable? It is one I am considering, but haven't found one to sit in yet.

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I do think the Archer is comfortable. I am 5'4" and fit in it great and it has a nice back angle.

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