Fridge recommendation w/bottom freezer, please

Madeline616April 16, 2012


Looking for a fridge recommendation for my parents.

Hoping to find something well-priced, good quality, quiet, reliable and energy efficient. Any brand is fine.

They'd like stainless, with a bottom freezer drawer, and prefer one fridge door to the French doors (although French doors aren't a deal-breaker). Also, no in-door water dispenser. Actually, they don't need a water dispenser at all, but an interior one is fine.

Any recs would be appreciated!

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Kenmore no longer has a great reputation, but we've liked ours for several years so far.
We also prefer a freezer door rather than a drawer.

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We're getting a Kitchen Aid because it is SS with a bottom freezer, one fridge door, no water dispenser to screw up, and because our old KA has been great - just replacing it because of a remodel to SS from white. The old one will continue duty in the basement. The new SS KA is a little pricey, but if a a few hundred bucks doesn't throw you off, they come highly recommended.

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Thanks for the responses.

Janralix, do you happen to know the KA model?


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After extensive research and great experiences with KA fridges, I had planned the KA KBRS22KW (single door, bottom freezer, no water) for my new kitchen. Then, I made a measuring error during construction and didn't have space for a full depth fridge. I ended up with a KA built-in so I can't speak to how the KBRS22KW is IRL, but I had maybe my research can help.

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Hi Breezy, thanks! Always happy to benefit from your extensive research :) :) I'll probably go with the KA!

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I haven't bought it yet but like the Maytag 2258. KA, Whirlpool, Amana and Maytag should all have a similar one.

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Madeline - we put in the Elux French door and it has been great. There were some older posts dissing the Elux but love ours. I would not get the ice through the door.

Usually, I over think everything - but in this case, we were buying a new W/D and went through the fridge section. I went back with my favorite serving dishes and went down the line - No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes things fit with the Elux and then looked at the price and said NO - Appliance guy said - your lucky day, they have a big rebate from Elux and I upgraded to the next model!

We had a minor problem early on with a faulty valve - but all fixed for over 2 years and still smile every time I open the fridge!

We have the LED lighting and the temp control drawer. I have saved mega bucks on less wasted food.

When I left in a hurry when my dad passed away, I forgot to empty the milk and the lettuce. Came back 2 weeks later and both were still good!

My funniest story - I had some Calder dairy cream(in glass bottles) in my fridge and kept forgetting to empty it. I noticed it looked OK and nothing smelled bad. Finally, I decided I better get rid of this problem, expecting foul smelling cream - would you believe, it cultured into a beautiful high octane yogurt!

I was too chicken to actually try it - but I am sure it would have been delicious!

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Thermador, and companion Bosch version, have nice bottom freezer, built in models. LED lights, good layout, dual compressors, heavy duty hinges. I ordered a 36" T'dor as part of a package.

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Madeline - KA Model # KBRS22KWMS. That's the right-swing door. The left-swing door is KBLS22KWMS. MSRP is $1,999 but they can be found for as little as $1,550 or so.

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Thank you all so much! This is really helpful.

A2gemini, I love the yogurt story, lol!

While this fridge was supposed to be for the house we're building with my parents for them to live in, I got the "brilliant" idea a couple of days ago to give them my JennAir bottom freezer single door, and replace it with the freestanding Viking bottom freezer single door that I've always liked. A way to get a "discount" of sorts ;).

I just found out it's discontinued, though, and the local distributor has just 3 left.

Any opinions on Viking fridges, or on buying a discontinued model?

Thanks again for all these responses!

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Madeline - bummer!
Have fun anyway

BTW - has anyone else managed to make yogurt form cream in their fridge
I suspect that I have a lot of active cultures running around as I alway have yogurt in fridge and have made a lot over the years but never accidentally in the fridge

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we ordered a KA bottom freezer french door KBFS25EWMS I am hoping it will be awesome!! It came highly recommended

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Yes. I have one. Single compressor. Noisy. I'd look at Liebherr.

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Hi. My experience isn't going to be quite the same as your parent's needs, but I just wrote quite a bit about my Samsung FD here. I love it FWIW. Your parents may need a little less work-horsey type.

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Madeline--sorry to say I have never seen positive reviews of Viking fridges here, but I've only been here two years. Members looking for fridges are generally steered away from Viking. :(

Maybe it was Rococo's poor reviews I remember reading....

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There's nothing wrong with my refrigerator nor has it ever broken. It did have a door recall and it took a huge amount of effort to find someone to address that. It went on for months. The company finally stepped in and very generously made that repair happen -- years out of waranty and took care of the other issues with my other appliances.

I wish I did like the fridge more than I do. But it's 8 y.o. and has given respectable service. My comment was based on comparison to a Liebherr we had in another house for 2 years. I prefer the Liebherr for the reasons stated above.

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Thanks, Breezy & Rococo.

That gives me something to think about. Just learned the appliance store I like dealing with stopped carrying Viking b/c of issues, particularly fridges, but there may be more to the story.

Will post a separate question hoping to get some additional personal experiences.

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