GE Induction Cooktop - Metallic/Mirrored surface?

ctychickApril 20, 2014

I've chosen the the 36" Monogram version of GE's induction cooktop for my kitchen reno and I'm looking for opinions on the metallic (mirrored) surface option. If you have this or something similar, do you regret not going with the traditional black glass surface? Any drawbacks from a maintenance perspective? Are you happy with the aesthetic?

Either "color" will work with my kitchen. I know from experience that black tends to easily show dirt and crumbs and in my experience, after cleaning, streaks can be visible if you don't really buff them out with a microfiber cloth. But this is all to be expected from the standard and more widely used black glass. Is the metallic finish less prone to these issues? Are there other drawbacks unique to the metallic finsih?


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I was considering the ge monogram mirrored surface, but....I ruled it out because it required 12 inch clearance and that would mess up my drawer plans underneath the induction cooktop.

I've since pretty much decided on the wolf or miele, which require just shy of 5 in. Thermadore has the mirrored finish, for a lot more $, but it doesn't require 12 in clearance. Also around a 5 inch clearance.

The ge monogram also doesn't have the stainless border edge. I worry that raw/unprotected edge might chip (like my current cooktop).

Good luck!! All these decisions!

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Thanks, Teehee1984. Very interesting. I'll have to check the specs. And I never considered the possibility of the edge of the cooktop being damaged without the ss rim. I was actually trying to avoid that rim because made the cooktop stand out too much. I'll have to research further and reconsider.

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