Bunnies Hopped To My Doorstep ... My 'Happy Spark' Day!

jeannespinesApril 9, 2011

Yesterday I was napping & DH got a box from the mailman at our front door ... I am still fighting the influenza junk (over 5 wks now)...14-day antibodics kicked it the middle of last wk but 3 days later, it came back strong! (yes, I am doctorin', cryin' & complainin')...so 'nuf said!

But, like jane said on another post, Punk put a "Happy Spark" into her day ...well, my pkg came from Arkansas ...from our "froufrou" here on the form & these 2 natural bunnies were ready to hop out of the box:

frou also sent a cute vintage (lady)card that she thought Dollbaby would enjoy...so here she is w/the card & bunnies:

I let Dollbaby keep the card ...but the bunnies went on the buffet! Thank you, frou, for this "Happy Spark" in my day, too..."excessfroufrou" was my Secret Santa on the GJ forum this past Christmas...so those bunnies knew how to get here! Ain't they the CUTEST! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Very cute Jeanne! That Frou is so great! Hope you feel better very soon...you've been sick a long time....

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Jeanne, I'm so happy Frou sent the vintage card and bunnies to you! I can see why you moved the bunnies away from Dollbaby. Looks like she's ready to reach out and touch Somebunny! Cute picture.

I didn't realize you were still dealing with influenza. Sure hope you get over it soon. Great timing with Frou sending sweet bunnies and card your way.

BTW Frou, those bunnies are so neat and perfect with Jeanne's decor. How sweet you came through when Jeanne needed you. Your not only her Secret Pal at Christmas but DF all year long. That's why we love it here.

Jeanne, love your gr pitcher and berry vine with your new bunnies. Such a pretty combination. Always great to hear about a "Happy Spark" to someones day.


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Jeanne..Ain't The 'Happy Spark' feeling just wonderful?
'Sweet Frou' found you the cutest bunnies to do that, and they look right at home on your buffet. I don't think I've ever seen any like them...they're so life like. Dollbaby's friend is adorable and so unusual too and just perfect for her to keep her mind off the little bunnies.

Sorry that awful flu is stil with you. Gosh that's a long time. I hope you get some nice weather so you can sit out in the sun and take in some fresh air.
Frou...you're 'one of the lovely reasons' we come to this forum...not only do we share the same interests...it seems we look out for one another too, and it's so heartwarming.

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what a sweet thing to do and to receive....now that flu could be something like SIDO which is when the bacteria lingers in the colon.....ask dr...they have special meds for that and you will feel on top of the world really soon.
small intestine disorder or something like that....

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What a sweet surprise! That vintage card lady almost looks like Dollbaby "all grown up". ;o) Those cute little bunnies have unusual looking "fur", what are they made of? Frou,that was really sweet of you to send something to make Jeanne feel better. Jeanne, here's hoping you get all well really soon.


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What a wonderful surprise!! I'm sure having a happy spark in your day was just the lift you needed.
This bug you have is lasting waay to long.
Dollbaby looks happy as can be with those new treasures. Good thing you took those bunnies away, I think she would have way too much fun with them. She should be content looking at her pretty card tho. The bunnies are adorable. They look like they are made out of the same material as the brush Christmas trees.
Frou, It was so nice of you to send a "hope you feeling better" gift to Jeanne.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!
Yes, the materials seem like the "bottle brush" type of thing...but little wood ears, feet, etc...they are very CUTE & unusual! (love 'em, Frou!)

luvs...that lady card could be Dollybaby all grown up! You're so smart! LOL!

I ended antibodics about 10 days ago & was doing quite good...got out a few hrs at a time all that week...aunt's funerals, outdoors a few hrs, a few hrs. shopping...had started walking outside more (short walks, nice days)...but 3 days after ending 14-day antibodics, got the cough in the evening & it was like starting all over. I hate it & shared it w/DH (still) ...hopefully, we're getting there! Yesterday was better than day before...today about the same...so tomorrow...even more better (cross fingers)! Thank you. Here's to a "Happy Spark Day" to you all! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne...was thinking of you today and hoping you're taking care and doing better.
Not sure exactly of your location in Iowa..but I was also worried that you were not in the path of the Tornado that hit Mapleton. Hope all is okay there by you.
Sending ((((((((hugs))))))))) your way.


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Jeanne, hope you continue to feel better every day. That card is darling. Thanks for the 'Spark". One of my DF's just gave me several Easter Post Cards from early 1900's. I'll have to get some pictures and share.


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Tornadoes out in Western IA...one daughter & family live on farm out there...not Mapleton...hate these Spring tornadoes! One house East of small town they live near was destroyed...looks like on weather map there were 12 tornado sitings in a short time around that area! No casualities, which is the GOOD news! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne...Good to hear that all is well with you and that
DD & Fam are okay..
Prayers out for all Iowans.


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Jeanne, I was watching weather reports and hoped the tornado wasn't by you. Thank goodness. I'm glad no one was killed but that town sure got destroyed. Scary stuff. I see more severe weather is expected this week, but looks like its missing Iowa and hitting Ohio and parts southeast. Wish I could get all of you out here till weather settles down. Safety, short sleeves, and shopping....Janey, where's that bus?

Those bunnies are so cute, and so "You". (tho don't you feel a tiny bit mean taking them away from Dollbaby? LOL)

Frou, such a special day-brightener for Jeanne!

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Geesh...Karen NOW you tell us...I've got 'The Bus' in the Shop getting it's engine overhauled!!
Just the mention of 'Short Sleeves & Shopping' (okay Safety too)...would create a 'stampede' on your place!!
We could have used some nice hot...hot...weather
and some Retail Theraphy to warm our cold/wet bones!
So Ohio is next??? ...grrrr, now I have relatives who live there,
to think about!! :(

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