Master bathroom layout: Bath under window or not?

myclApril 24, 2014

Hi all,

I'm considering a couple of master bathroom layouts.

Both are 3.5 x 3.9 m spaces with north facing windows (upstairs).

- toilet more discrete (maybe better to flip with shower position?), longer usable benchspace potentially (with tall units framing the bench).

- more open space in the middle. shower 'screen' can be glass or tiled. door swing less practical?
- bathtub could be in a hob (probably more practical - cleaning wise and allowing placement of bath items).

- no bath would enable more space and storage. (there is another bath in the house for kids)

Which would be better on a functional / aesthetic basis?

Thanks in advance!

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I like the right version better. Like the toilet closer/more accessible to sinks. Not sure what you mean by 'hob'?

Is that a counter extended beside tub? Depending on what your priority is, instead of counter which only would be accessible for a foot or so, you could have shelving/linen closet on right wall facing out towards room. Good place to put towels/bath supplies?

Since you have the space, I think a bath in there is a nice option. (I would love to have a bath in mine, though if it's only one or the other, a shower wins)

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In both drawings, would the toilet space have a privacy door?

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The second is better, but be sure you factor in the cost of replacing the window with safety glass as well as the cost of moving a bunch of plumbing around.

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I like the 2nd (on the right) can you put the toilet on the outside (hall) so that when someone enters the room, it provides a little more privacy and maybe easier to access if one had a walker or crutches?

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i like the one on the right assuming there is a privacy door for toilet... otherwise, i don't think i would want to be sitting right by the door...
if you love taking lots of baths, put in a tub... but, if you don't really take many baths, i would opt for a bath with more storage! we are currently removing an enormous tub in a master we are having redone... have only used the tub in our current bath maybe a dozen times in a dozen yrs, if that!

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Thanks everyone for their opinions...

I think the one of the right is more practical, but the one of the left seems more modern ....

I've photoshopped the Left option so that the shower is closer to the window (allow more natural light; wet area away from the door).

Not planning to put doors on the toilet or shower, just the blade wall.

The hallway is actually the entrance zone within the master bedroom itself.

Hob just means a bath enclosure, in this case tiled.

Not sure whether having an enclosed shower with tiles or opening it up with glass frameless screen better. If I went with a glass screen, then the Left option may not look as nice with the bath in front of it as opposed to having a feature wall e.g. marble tiles.

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The Left option may afford a design like this...

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If you're not planning to put a door on the toilet (which I think is a mistake), I recommend the original left layout to give the user a smidge of privacy away from where the door opening is into another room.

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Left option ... 3d mockup

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another view

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Right option 3d

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another view. .

ignore the position of the sink in the vanity next to the bathtub... the program allows only set object (cant fully customise).

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We have the right option floor plan in our new home, so of course I prefer the right option. Both are really nice though.

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I like your left option the best, as long as there is ample room between the tub and the vanity. I like having the window open. You could put a table with some plants on it or something. I also like the toilet location in your very first plan. You could look out the window when doing your business. My carpenter built his house and located the toilet so he could look out. I thought it was a marvelous idea.

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As to Enduring's last point, we moved our toilet and put in a pocket door in our Master BR reno. One of the unexpected benefits is the view I now enjoy...(As I rarely close the pocket door). Much better than my previous one of my robes hanging on the door! LOL

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Beautiful Raehelen!!! Thats what I'm talking about.

One of the most unusual and relaxing experiences I've ever had was a trip to an outhouse that was open air, like a gazebo. It was over on the Olympic Peninsula and the owners had a small cabin with this beautiful outhouse. It was in the wide open landscape with wonderful scenery all around. The bottom half of the "gazebo" was fully boarded with a rail at about 4', the upper half was totally open.

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Your 3d mockups look nice, but don't look like the same space as the 2d. In the 2d, it appears as though your walkway between tub and vanity area is narrower than in your 3d.

If, in fact, the 3d is accurate for dimensions of everything, I do like that okay in your first design. If not, then, you need to go the more standard route, in my opinion.

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Yes kirkhall, you're right. I've managed to widen the bathroom from 3.5 to 3.7 m. 1.1 m now between the bath and vanity. the bath only 0.8 m wide, 0.07cm from the blade/nib wall. Otherwise, the dimension are pretty much the same.

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I like the right option, not as congested if you need mobility for a wheelchair or walker in the future.

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I Like the initial plan (toilet at the window area) and with the wider layout. 43.3" = 1.1meters. If one was in a wheel chair they would not be getting into the tub so the tub is a moot point. The toilet room will be the same either way, if at one end or the other. Both will be plenty wide and deep it appears to me, for transferring to a toilet, with someones help or alone. You will need to know the specs if this is an issue you want to accommodate. Either way make the openings 36" to shower and toilet if you can.

If you are still concerned about the distance from tub to vanity you could have your vanity made at 18" deep and gain even 3 more inches in the "hallway". Myself, I don't see the hallway as a limiting factor for accessibility at 43.3".

Other things to consider is that the window may have to be tempered glass per code, if it is at the tub. Will you have a curbless shower? Will you have a shower door? I am going to get french doors on my 60" alcove shower so both can swing open and the full 60" is accessible. Plus, I like french doors :)

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Thanks enduring, the master ensuite is actually upstairs, so wheelchair access not so important (no lift in the house!). It will be curbless, considering a shower door to keep the heat in. window is north facing (in Australia though), equivalent to south facing in USA.

Btw... how much clearance should one have around a free standing bathtub?

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I have attached a link to a site that seems to be very helpful for us in the US. I believe it is just good information. It will be a good starting point for investigation in your neck of the woods. I hope you find it helpful.

I can not imagine what the world looks like from your perspective. I grew up with the front of the house facing south. My orientation to the world is to the south. I struggle even now 50-60 years later trying to orient my self with the world and the map facing "north", as east is always on my left in my mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: Illustrated Rules of Good Bathroom Design

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That design link is interesting. They say a vanity height should be between 36"-43". My kitchen counter is 36" high and it feels high, and I am 5'8". I wonder how tall you have to be for the 43" height?

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Sloyd, I found it very helpful when looking at distanced between fixtures as I remodeled my 2 bathrooms. Your citing of the 36"-43" is incorrect. It states in the heading "Recommendation: The height of a lavatory or vanity top varies between 32"-43" to fit the user. . So for children and shorter adults 32" is appropriate. However, my 6'8" nephew is a different story. I don't know if 43" would be too high or not. ;)

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