Bathroom Colors with black granite countertop

snowyMNApril 27, 2012

I got a really good deal on a black granite countertop to

fit on top of my vanity. I also purchased white beadboard

to go halfway up the walls and plan to paint or wallpaper the top half of the walls. I need to paint the vanity and am stuck between black or white. Would painting it black be too much of a contrast with the white beadboard? And would painting it white be overkill with all with the white beadboard? Also, what would be a good color for the top half of the walls above the beadboard to tie the room together? Thanks for any input.

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I don't think that it would be overkill to paint the beadboard and vanity both white, but the top half of the walls definitely can't be white. I would suggest you paint the upper part of the wall a lighter shade of grey or a grey-blue such as 'silverscreen' which I think has a light but neutral hue.

I'm pasting a link to a page that shows the color. Let me know what you think

Here is a link that might be useful: Involving Color -- Silverscreen Color

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Scary Cary(cute name!) I had not considered a blue-grey color but I really like the look. I have a hard time making color decisions so your input helps a lot. Thank you.

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Definitely not black - that would be too dark with the black countertop. I see lots of white vanities with white beadboard and it looks fresh and clean.

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Why does the vanity need to be either white or black? It would certainly need to play nicely with the upper half of the walls -- maybe just a lighter or darker shade of the same color? Or find two colors you love that play well together.

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Sweeby adds good insight into the process...why black or white? Though I understand that B or W might be the answer to your room question.

Check out for a lot of pics. Just type in a search to help narrow down the ideas. There are millions of images.

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Personally, I would paint it white or gray. I think black wouldn't showcase the granite well enough.

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