How to clean Corain counters?

duchampJune 20, 2011

My Corian kitchen countertop (actually it's Avonite, same thing) is a bit grimy today and I usually use just a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean it. Should I try something else? What does everyone else use? One thing I notice is that even when it's clean, it has a bit of a dull look to it, I'm wondering what I can do to give it back some sheen, too.

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I'd contact the manufacturer. Or perhaps a flooring store that sells the same product. I personally don't trust cleaning with vinegar because it's a mild acid, not necessarily anti-bacterial and causes minor pits and hazing on surfaces.

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The most important thing to remember when cleaning Corian, is to wipe the surface dry after cleaning. If you leave it to air dry, a film can build up on the surface. This film will end up leaving the counter looking dull or blotchy. Clean with water, soapy water, or solid-surface cleaners specially designed for Corian surfaces. Never use window cleaners, as they will leave a film that will eventually dull the surface.

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Thanks all. I'm aware that you're not supposed to leave water to dry on Corian, though with a really large counter like mine it's pretty hard to live every day without a spot of water getting left on the counter, lol.

Thanks again for the input! :)

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I don't know about Avonite but I don't use anything special to clean my Corian counters. Usually just soapy water or an all purpose cleaner like 409. That's one of the things I like about this counter - no special treatment and it always looks great. My counter has a matte finish so I wouldn't know about trying to get a sheen to it.

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