Choosing tiles is overwhelming

debinnhApril 17, 2012

There are sooooo many choices and options. But honestly, right now the front runner is from home depot:

There are so many options and the price seems reasonable. Has anyone used this tile?

I really wanted granite tiles with a pebble shower floor, but the cost is crazy and I am afraid of the amount of grout and uneven floor in the shower.

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Which of the 18 tiles were you considering? The link has a whole page of them.

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I have Marazzi Lugano 6x6 in the guest bath alcove ... it has a travertine look that blended well with the floor I wanted to keep.

No issues with it - the tile to tile color variability is pretty high, so check out several pieces to make sure you are OK with the darker ones as well as the lighter ones.

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I'm not familiar with the tile, but make sure that the entire tile is similar in color to the face of it. Some cheaper tile has a white body and if you drop something that chips the tile it will stand out like a sore thumb

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Thanks. I want a mix of tiles for interest, which is why I liked this series at HD. I will be sure to take a look at the tile for how they were made, and also to see that there is consistent colors on the surface.

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