Bathroom Disaster, Please Help?

JadestarwolfJune 14, 2011

Hello, I've been having a terrible time trying to clean this old bathroom that has been horribly neglected and I'm just not sure what to do about it. I've cleaned all the porcelain and smooth surfaces already, but the floor is carpeted and the walls are textured. My roommate doesn't have control over himself when he uses the toilet so his urine has coated the carpet and wall in near it and because I've been busy at work and helping my grandma, I haven't been around much for a few months and it's had a chance to ... turn unpleasant. My landlord is coming in for a problem with the pipes in the next few days and if I don't have it clean, I'm gonna get booted.

I dunno if it helps, but here's a picture of what it looks like:

Although I must warn you that it is really disgusting. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! I'm just completely unsure how to deal with this mess and I don't have the money to hire a professional. Thank you very much for your time.

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Wow! you are in a pickle for sure! Even if you could afford a professional cleaner, doubt they would take the job.

Is your roommate handicapped or just does not try to aim? The person should accept the fact he really needs to "sit" to use the toilet.

If your roommate is not handicapped, make him remove the carpet and padding. Clean the area, etc.

In my opinion, plan on being booted out of the apt. when the landlord sees this.

The only way I see that it can be cleaned is to rip out the carpet and padding (carpet should never be next to a toilet), clean the floor and wall. Go to a pet store and buy the enzyme that kills urine odor and clean the area. You really need the enzyme. Bleach works well for urine odor, soak everything with it and know that it will bleach whatever it comes into contact with.

Part of the sheet rock wall may need to be removed too, especially if urine has soaked through the paint into the sheet rock.

The urine no doubt has soaked through the carpet into the padding and into the flooring beneath. Removing carpet may not be enough, most likely will need to remove sub-flooring too and replace with new sub-flooring and new vinyl tile. Do not do anything to the sub-flooring without checking with the landlord first or you will be in big, big trouble.

Is there a way you can find another roommate that does not have this kind of problem? Reason I ask is that regardless of how clean you get the area, it will be in same condition shortly here or in another apt.

Good luck.

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Uggggh. That's not a cleaning job. That's a demolition job. Sorry, but that's disgusting. Who lives like that?

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Wow. I have to agree with Krissie here. She pretty much summed up your main options. Your roommate is either handicapped, like she mentioned, or is simply a very disrespectful person.

I don't know how lenient your landlord is, but it might be worth it to plead your best case (after you do your best job of cleaning up).

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You need to find a new roommate.

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Gross! Maybe you can pull up the carpet and pad and put down some nice peel and stick tiles. You need to clean the floor REALLY well before you put the tiles down.

Clean the walls, too. If you can't get a new roommate or get him to aim better, get one of those toilet rugs that curve around the front of the toilet. At least it can be thrown in the wash.

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I sure hope YOU don't "get booted" when the landlord sees the mess/destruction. Maybe you can approach the LL befoire the visit and explain it's all your roomies fault? By the way, be very careful picking your next roommate. I'd either move into a house shared with -ahem-ladies like in Threes Company TV show, or into my own rented place, alone.

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