Long overdue Clutter room pictures.

ponydocMarch 1, 2009

We have been in our home for about a year. I said I would post finished clutter room pics at some point. Our clutter room is mud/laundry/dog/tack room. My sister requested pics to show her contractor on Monday - planning on cleaning the place up... but ran out of time. SO what they heck, I might as well show it being utlized as intended!!

Took these this am- before coming to my office. We had a sick child over night so bedding on the washer, otherwise this is pretty standard for how it looks..... and why we love it! It keeps all this stuff out of the rest of the house!

Our clutter room:

From the kitchen

To the left - toward the front of the house.

We still have to finish the lockers in the mudroom area. We are also thinking of adding more cabinetry in the area in which the kid's little coat rack sits.

The doors from the mud room exit to the side porch ( toward our main barn), the garage and the back porch. There is also a door to the front porch from the front of the room. COmes in hand to acsess the fridge when you are chillin' on the front porch!

We love this room and cannot imagine how we lived without it!!


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Wow, what perfect timing! I had just about made up my mind to combine the laundry room, pantry, desk area and mudroom into one big room and now this seals it! Also, I told my DH I wanted a Dutch door on it and he looked at me like I was from Mars. I just showed him your pics and the lightbulb went on. I absolutely love your room and it's decorated just how I imagine doing mine. Could you post dimensions? The builder thinks I'm wasting space on this, but I don't think you could make a room like this too big.

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Thanks for the pictures. That is a great multi-purpose room. I have two questions. Where did you get the light fixture in the clutter room? I have been looking at one in Rejuvination.
Also, I have a dutch door off of my back hallway going in to the playroom. What did you do for the top part of the door.....a bolt or another handle? Does that make sense?
Thanks in advance

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I love your clutter room too. I was wondering what kind of cabinets you have. Are they painted or laminate? Custom/semi-custom?


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Ah the doggie. What a cutie.
Please tell me what you used on your floor.

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Thanks for the compliments. We LOVE this room - esp when "cluttered".

Terri - tell your builder that just about every other room in the house is wasted space compared to this one! I would give up my living room for this room without batting an eye! The dimensions are about 11 x19 for the main part of the room. The part of the room with the mud room and half bath is about 11 x 12 total.

We adore our dutch door- haven't put the top hardware on yet... it's sitting there ready to go - you know how that goes.... We are using a dead bolt type of thing made for Dutch doors.. .haven't really thought about a second knob.

newoldhouser- light fixtures came from Restoration Hardware in the main part of the room- I looked at Rejuvenation too, I think Restoration was having a sale. I bought two more - almost identical at Home Depot for the mudroom for about 25 each!

gobruno - the cabinets are Kraftmaid Laminate. I believe they are Barlow design maybe? The laminate works well as it cleans up nicely after muddy tails hit it!

mtnlaw - we love the doggie too! We call her Ruby. She was a Saturday night stray broken leg that needed a home. Everyone lucked out that night!!

We used Laufen ceramic tile- I believe it's called "Crater Lake" in Lava. We used 18 x 18 tiles in a brick pattern. Hides the dirt pretty well. This room also has a vac pan under the wall of cabinetry- helps a lot!

Now at some point I will post "clean pics!"


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Awesome space! I love that you posted it "used."

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I love that you had the forethought to realize how valuable a clutter room would be in keeping that stuff out of the rest of the house, and like crazyhouse6, I love that you shared it with us as it's meant to function! I'd love to have had one when my three were growing up. And I love that you call it what it is!! You did a great job -- it's a wonderful room.

I loved my vac pan, too . . . great place to put the half-a-dog's worth of Golden Retriever hair I got every week from my beloved Sam.


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bumping this great idea

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We incorporated this into our new house and it has been wonderful. It keeps all the extra things and messy projects in one room. Truly great concept. I think this is probably the best idea I learned from this forum.

Thank you ponydoc!

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I'm gonna be totally honest and while I applaud you for creating a space that suits your lifestyle, I can't help but see a room that always seems like it needs to be cleaned or the first step in hoarding. I can see the logic behind it though if you have the discipline to keep or under control.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

That's the beauty of it, only ONE room that always needs to be cleaned. I could totally handle that. I don't have a space this big, but I'm hoping mine serves this purpose as well as yours!

Mine is really just a laundry room, with a sink, drop zone, place for dog bowls, dog/cat food, waterer, cat hole into the box in the garage, cabinets...

If I'd had more room I'd have made it bigger!!

Great room PD!

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It lets you keep all the messy detritus of daily life in one place. The science fair project that your kid has been working on for 2 weeks, the art project that needs to dry for 48 hours, the drapery sewing project you're working on, the crate while you potty train the puppy, the injured chicken you're nursing back to health, the stool samples you're taking to the vet's, the chair you glued the leg on that needs to dry, the box of food to drop off at the food pantry next Friday, stacks of tax forms you wrestle with from April 1-14, - all the things that normally would sit in the middle of your house because they don't have a REAL home - well now they have a home.

It's brilliant.

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When we bought this house, someone had added a second HWH in the laundry room, which is right next to the kitchen. I don't see how it functioned well with a top loader, much less my front loader. Plus, we have crated dogs, and muddy horse boots, and cats.

So we turned the front BR into a clutter, mud room. Ours is not that large-12X14- we took out the small closet, added a tiny side door so my muddy boots do not have to come through the front door, and tiled it with Kentucky-red-mud-colored porcelain tile!

I used all the Skandia shelving left from our previous office instead of cabinets. Someday, I will get cabinets and a sink.

My only regret is not doing the walls and trim in the KY-red-mud color, too!!

Love the dutch door, ponydoc!!


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