Is there a natural marble cleaner?

TSG1104April 29, 2013

We have pets and I try to use natural or at the least non-toxic cleaners. We are wrapping up our master bath remodel and the floor is marble. The counters are vermont white - which is a granite, marble or quartzite depending on who you ask. We saw it marked as all three while shopping for a slab. I think our safest course is to treat it like a marble.

Does anyone have experience using a marble cleaner that is natural or non-toxic? The floors have been sealed and we kept the pets out for over a week after that, but now that we can use the bathroom again I need to figure out a safe cleaning product.

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I've been using 7th Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner in our bathrooms for almost 3 years now. We have White Thassos lining all the niches, and White Thassos mosaic and trim tile in the MB. According to 7th Gen, this cleaner is/was safe for use on sealed natural stone. So far, so good. Marble still looks new.

I've also used alcohol-water spray on it safely, but it doesn't do as well at removing soap scum or film.

I've heard bleach, and or hydrogen peroxide is safe as well, but I would end up with bleach spots on my clothing or colored towels, so try to avoid those for cleaning.

TB cleaner is a big culprit with regards to etching. One droplet on our travertine floor tile, especially the tile in our guest bathroom, even if wiped up immediately, seems to leave its mark.

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i don't have marble, but travertine in my bath. for that, i found that a solution of bleach and dish soap works the best at removing mildew and soap scum in the shower. sometimes i also use baking soda mixed with soap but it takes more effort to get the grout clean this way..

recently though, i got a steam cleaner. it is a bit of an investment, but it is awesome at cleaning with just water. and requires minimal scrubbing to clean everything. so i have to say it has been my ultimate green cleaning method.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I try to avoid bleach and bleach cleaners, but hydrogen peroxide might be a good option. I'm leaning toward water with a few drops of dish soap from method or 7th generation for most of the room, but I expect I will need something stronger for the shower.

There is just so much contradictory information on the web. I ready somewhere that you should not use steam cleaners on marble, but then there are other sites that highly recommend it.

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I've always had good results with SCI (Stone Care International) products. Been using them on my quartzite, granite and marble counters for a decade with no problem. They sell several marble, granite and natural stone cleaners and my cats are fine...

Marbamist for the kitchen and bath is my favorite, but there are many other products they carry for floor cleaning. Check their website if you like. I usually purchase from Amazon unless is having a sale.

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Fripp 07 - I'll look into the SCI products. I am just very cautious about the cats. They probably would be fine; however, we have lost two to unexplained renal failure - years apart - and that makes me over protective. One cause of acute renal failure is exposure to a toxin so I try to be very careful about what we have around the house that they can access. There are other possible causes too and we will never know what happened. Our oldest kitty loves to drink from the bathroom faucets and licks the sink and occasionally randomly licks floors and furniture. Pretty gross, but it's one of the reasons I prefer to use natural cleaners where ever possible. I can probably use something stronger in the shower because they do not have access to that area.

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