urgent ? re small pullout in half wall - beagles or anyone else

mahatmacat1April 16, 2012

Hi folks,

I just saw the ingenious half-wall pullout in beagles's gorgeous bathroom on the mosaic thread, and am wondering if anyone has any info right at hand about where to get something like that, and how to find the dimensions of it. I LOVE it and want it for a half-wall in my study, for which the drywallers are coming tomorrow, but my lovely DH has said he'll reframe it for me if I can find out how it should look.

Thanks in advance!

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Never mind...I found them. Sorry for the bother.

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Will you post pics or link for the benefit of others?

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kirkhall here is the picture of my half wall that flyleft referenced. It is 12 inches wide. My cabinet maker built it and I believe (but am not 100 percent sure) that Rev-a-Shelf glides were used

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Yep, that's it -- and thank you for the quick reply, beagles : ) You can wait and wait for months with a nice, carefully thought-through design, and then suddenly at the last moment you see something that you want to incorporate and bang you have to find it NOW! DH is reframing as we speak. What a lovely man.

kirkhall, I googled 'narrow base pullout' and looked at the images. Should have done that before I posted...

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That is a very neat feature!

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