Onyx shower base AND walls?

nancitaApril 23, 2012

Well hello all,

Trying to keep things simple. Has anyone ever used the Onyx shower pan along with its walls? I have no idea of the cost and there isn't a showroom nearby. I have seen Swanstone and Corian. Is it the same?

Onyx has some interesting looing desings for shower walls. Might be the way to go over tile?

Thanks all.

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Are you talking about onyx slabs, tiles, or cultured onyx?

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Onyx, the brand, not onyx, a stone.

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I have the Onyx Collection shower pan and walls in cappuccino. I LOVE IT! The bath guy explained the material to me like this: It's like Corian but with a shiny finish. The pan isn't as shiny though; it's kind of got a pebbled texture to it for slip resistance. It's a pretty thin material, maybe 1/4 inch on the walls. I'm not sure if it can be installed over tile as our previous unit was one of those shower tub combos that had to be pulled completely out down to the studs.

It was kind of expensive (for me, a cheapskate). For the walk in shower with pan, half bench and corner shelves, along with a matching sink and labor that also included replacing the subfloor, installing vinyl plank flooring, replacing the toilet and wiring a fan totalled $4500. I think the shower and sink were probably $3000 of that - but that's just a guess. Oh, and that included a good quality Delta sink faucet and shower system with body jets, shower head and handheld shower too.

The unit is guaranteed for life, is antimicrobial and super simple to keep clean. It takes less than a minute to squeegee after a shower, then every 6-8 weeks apply Gel Gloss, let it dry and wipe it off. I clean the sink with a swish of Mr. Clean once a week or so.

I'm a huge fan of the Onyx Collection. Wish I could encase my whole house in the stuff!

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pictures would be great!

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Yeah, pics would be nice but my camera won't charge :(

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I am now shopping a shower surround. I thought I had read on this forum that Lowe's sells the Onyx surround but could not find it when I went to Lowe's. Where do you get any of these products for the bathroom? I'd love to check them out in person.

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try this link- shows you where local showrooms are,
or call their 800 number and they should be able to tell
you. http://online.onyxcollection.com/GoogleMaps/index.jsp

Here is a link that might be useful: onyx

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Here is a picture of an Onyx Collection shower with a custom tile strip in it. Hope this helps with the visual :)

Here is a link that might be useful: More Onyx pictures

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