CC, BS and outdoor gas grills-please compare

elyashApril 16, 2012

Can anyone compare the BS and CC grills on the 36 inch ranges? Can either of these grills be used with wood chips or wooden planks?

Can you compare the flavor on the indoor gas grills versus outdoor gas grills?

I am planning on purchasing an outdoor NG grill to place on my deck immediately outside my kitchen. I currently have an indoor grill on my old Dacor Range and while I enjoy the convenience of it, the flavor is not really "grilled".Do the BS or CC imbue the food with a grilled taste?

Purchasing a 36 inch range with a grill will involve cutting cabinets as it is a retrofit and my husband and I are concerned that it will spoil the look of the kitchen. So, I need to decide the pros and cons of getting the range of my dreams. Any comments on the BS versus CC grills would be appreciated along with thoughts comparing them to outdoor NG grills.

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I have read that the 'taste' of grilling comes partially from the drippings being vaporized and coming back up onto the meat, as well as the type of charcoal or added wood smoke.

A gas indoor grill can only provide the first. I've never heard of anyone adding wood chips to an indoor range grill. With an outdoor NG grill just by your door, I don't think you'll be tempted to grill inside unless it's veggies.

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I have 3 BBQs on my deck, one of them gas, I find I usually go for the grill on my CC. It is easy, quick, tastes the same and I don't need to leave the kitchen. I only use my outdoor gas grill when we are entertaining outside or I have a large volume of grilling to do.

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