Jaybird ...for your 'Ladies in the Garden' theme

jeannespinesApril 26, 2010

jaybird...this may be helpful for your "ladies in the garden" theme...these are garden sayings from a thread on Garden Junk...linked it below. Maybe you can print some out for the tables or make a game of it somehow. Sounds like a fun celebration! And the "hose wreath" sounds GREAT! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Signs on Garden Junk Forum

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When I read this the first one that came to mind was "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you".

"Gardners know all the good dirt" is another I like. OK enough...

Jay, I hope you show us your hose wreath if you make one.


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Wow, all of those sayings are so cute, funny, clever, etc.
I'm going to paint a bunch of them on different rocks and place them around my garden!
If you didn't want to print them out, you could paint some on smooth stones and use them as part of your tablescape, or paint them on little wooden stakes (think broken popsicle sticks) and put them in tiny terra cotta pots or small dixie cups with flowers started from seed.
I think you said somewhere you were on a limited budget.
By the way, what is a hose wreath?

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Hi there,
I've been absent and was so surprised to see that you have all been working hard on my behalf!! I appreciate you!!
Candy, yes our budget is limited!! I am trying to use things that I already own, so that the money will cover all of the food! As to the wreath, I am taking a small green waterhose and coiling it into a big circle. At the top, I will make a huge bow with child sized gardening tools sticking out each side. Some of the ribbon will be tucked around the coiled hose ring as well. All of the top will have flowers stuck in between things. I did one of these for a get well gift years ago, and it looked so cute I thought I would do one again. I have a large easel to hang it from at the front doors.
Again my thanks to you all...I am off to look at the site linked. I do have a stash of pretty colored paper that I can print stuff on....I may have a cute sign on each table!

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There are nice signs but the funniest item is that T-shirt! I'd like to know how to plant and grow a man (have some home improvements to make right now), hahahaha.

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