Carbon build-up with LP on pots & pans-anyone have this problem?

cheyenne51April 24, 2010

Am on the cusp of changing from electric cooktop to LP rangetop/cooktop when talking to someone who spoke horror stories of "carbon build-up" on their pots and pans from the LP gas on their son's range. Is this really a big issue? Can't it just be cleaned off? If so, with what? Have cooked in the past with natural gas and had no issues with build-up, but no choice but to use LP here in Western WA. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks

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I am on LP and have no build up on my pans. I assume carbon build up would be black soot?

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The culprit is not LPG but it's bad combustion due to altitude (air contains less oxygen, flame is orange rather than blue).

I have two cooktops in two different kitchens in a mountain house. One had your same issue, the other didn't, although both of them are fired with the same LPG.
Once the small nozzles/orifices that are used to mix air and gas have been upgraded, the issue disappeared and the flame turned blue

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Thank you eandhl and hidroman. I assumed it was a flame adjustment problem and not the LP that was the culprit. I feel better now, thanks!

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