Delta Dryden fauceet -- anyone have this?

carsonheimApril 12, 2014

I'm considering this for master bath. anyone have it? Do you like it?

We *finally* closed on our construction loan. Break ground next week. YAY!

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We have them installed on our new build. So no experience with them yet, we move-in in 11 days. :) They are gorgeous in person, I like the square lines.

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And congrats on closing your construction loan, have a wonderful build! :)

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Yes, have the v. bronze in master and guest baths. Installed about 20 months. Very substantial in the hand and the finish cleans easily with a microfiber towel.
Would recommend.

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Oh good! I'm so glad someone here has them. YAY! I just ordered them.

They remind me of faucets I've used at some posh hotels. I wanted to make sure they had a substantial feel when using them.

Can't wait :)

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ps -- xc60 your bath looks AWESOME! Those faucets look rich!

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billygoatjoe - would you mind posting a picture? I am considering getting this in v. bronze as well.

carsonheim - thanks for posting. I am also considering them b/c I have a Delta kitchen faucet I love and the reviews have generally been very good.

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I have them for 4 sinks- 3 in chrome and the one handle in "gold." Happy with the feel and the look.

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Other finish-

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Good faucet choice!

I just love those bathroom pics!

Melanie, I now have wallpaper envy! Those dragonflies are fabulous...mmm for my next BR I have already bought a painting for one wall of an Arowana fish (similar to a Koi), I think dragonflies would go very well with that! LOL

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Raehelen, they might. ;) Originally had my eye on the Osborn & Little koi wallpaper but it was back ordered during our build and didn't want to delay. Obviously we have similar tastes!

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*dreaded double post*

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We have them in our kids' baths. I really like the sink faucets. Like others have said, look great, clean nicely, feel substantial. I have issues with the tub/shower sets. The spout is plastic with a finish applied and it spots like crazy. You have to wipe it down after every single shower without fail. The back plate and controls also spot like crazy. Ours are chrome finish. If you're just getting the sink faucets, you'll love them. If you're getting both, at least you've gotten the heads up!

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reviving an older thread--
isn't it possible to order a metal tub spout if you use specialty supply place?
You would pay more of course--

we have tub in one upstairs bathroom--only used for guests and rarely then--
our cleaner would lean on spout when she was cleaning the tub--
one time our daughter and family came to visit--she was taking bath and all of sudded water started to run from light can in the kitchen downstairs -- under the bath area--
there was leak where the tub spout had cracked...because it had a plastic pipe to the connection--not metal

turned water off upstairs--water stopped running eventually through the ceiling--
plumber came--found problem pretty easily--says it happens a good bit when people/builders choose less expensive fixtures--

when I redid bathrooms in another house made sure the Roman tub faucet was solid metal--not plastic...

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