cigarette smell in foam cushions/covers

riverview111June 5, 2005

We bought an old RV, and are fixing up the inside. The cushions just reek of old cigarette smoke. The cushion covers are removable. Is there any way to get the smell out of the foam rubber and covers? I could wash the covers with bleach, which would go a long way (worked on the curtains) but the foam rubber I'm not sure about. I suppose I could try pressure washing it with detergent, maybe with a little bleach added...Any tips?

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if the foam is original (ie more than 10 years old) I'd consider replacing it does degrade with time (the older stuff more than modern foams) and washing it might well destroy them...

otherwise, sunlight and fresh air are the best deodorants, so I'd just leave them outside for a week, and see if that helped.

washing any fabric does help, and I've found that the orange-oil based cleaners, maybe boosted with a dash of TSP (a degreaser) do a fairly good job of cutting that film on panelling, and the like.

any carpetting is going to be a pest as well (blech!) but shampooing it will help a lot :)

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Febreze spray may help reduce the odors in the cushions.

There are fabric stores that sell foam rubber in various thicknesses that can be cut to fit for replacements.

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Replace the foam ... it's not worth the effort to try to get decades fo ciggy smoke out of it.

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Thanks, everyone. Dh will give them a shot with OilEater, in the pressure washer, leave them out in the sun, and if that doesn't work we'll replace them.

Otherwise, the trailer smells great, now. I painted every square inch after wiping with 409. DH put in a new floor and got all the appliances working again. We're almost ready to roll.

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I use vinegar! It kills the smoke immediately! Just put white vinegar in a spray bottle. take the cushions out doors and spray them good. no your cushions won't smell like vinegar forever!! just about 1 hr or so!!

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