how to clean oven racks

shine123June 15, 2013

This is my minimum effort, cheap and environmentally friendly way to clean oven racks. Simply soak the racks in a laundry tub of hot water with a cup of washing soda and a squirt of washing up liquid. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Baked on grease will just wipe away or will come off easily with some gentle rubbing with a nylon scouring pad and an old toothbrush.
Note: 1) Washing soda is Sodium Carbonate and is usually available in the cleaning section of supermarkets. Don't confuse with Baking Soda which is Sodium Bicarbonate. 2) I understand washing soda is much safer than most cleaning chemicals but it is advisable to wear gloves as it can irritate skin. 3) My laundry tub is stainless steel and I do not know whether this makes a difference. 4) Do not use this method to clean anything made of aluminium.

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