How do you clean grooves in hardwood floors?

lauramay67June 21, 2008

We have real wood floors (not laminate) with a polyurethane finish. My installer suggests that we clean the floors with a mixture of about 1/4 windex and water with a barely damp mop. So that works well on the floors themselves.

But- our floors have a v-shaved groove in between the planks. We have dogs, cats, and kids, and between them and the garden, we have collected quite a bit of dust/dirt build up in the grooves. I'm sure we have not vacuumed as well as we should have- I know that will stop it in the future- but the vacuum doesn't get all that build up out.

Any ideas?

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A strong vac is yourbest bet, the first couple of times you may have to use the wand tool on each and every groove.

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I very seldom clean my hardwood floors, but I vacuum them frequently using the floor brush attachment. If the grooves are filled with dirt, they are going to stay that way.

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