Belated Easter Decor pics & Dollbaby (pic heavy)

jeannespinesApril 4, 2013

Starting over again .... just finished a long post & it 'errored' again ... so I'll try once more.

Here's some dining room pics ... we had a good, busy time & I didn't get these posted earlier ...just my porch table pics @the end of March. (sorry~~)

The buffet & shelf:

My big brown bunny again this year:

A view from the table/dining room light (handmade stained glass ... as old as the table/buffet):

Across from the buffet on the backside of cupboard is that black metal framed mirror ...I am changing it out for diff holidays it is w/an Easter card & old pic of my sis/me long ago:

& by the buffet on this little suitcase cabinet is that beautiful cloche I bought last yr ...I plan on decorating it more for diff holidays! Here it is with a garden fairy statue:

Ok, I better quick before this disappears ... I'll add more to this post. Hope you all had a good Easter...I loved seeing your pics ... TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Adding some more Easter decor ... computer is giving me fits today for some reason here ~~ Photobucket is not so nice to me ...very 'user un'friendly!'

On the countertop below the cabinet wall I put the little 'card holder' pastel bunnies 'em! & an old barnwood frame (made by DH) w/an old calendar page in it):

Here's countertop ledge with handmade card from DD#1 for our anniversary (like your sis does, punk):

And I was excited to find this 'vine tree' @a consignment shop last month! It's like my big one I decorate for the holidays but in 'miniature' form! I'll have fun w/this ...right now it is just sitting on my porch cabinet for Spring:

Dollbaby pics to come ~~~Jeanne S.

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Dollbaby is wearing her thrift shop 'monkey' outfit for Easter ... pale yellow & orange ... I love it! Here she is:

Here's a closer view of her tray'scape ...
Dollbaby's fave bunny (a b'day gift many yrs ago from a friend), basket of eggs, a choc candle bunny & bunny photographer! The doily & plate are also thrift shop finds ...I'm always lookin' for cute 'tray-scape' dishes! ;-)

Notice the lower right hand corner in that tray-scape pic...well, Dollbaby's wearing some new (old) plastic Spring shoes to celebrate Easter! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed ... it was a good Easter & I enjoyed lookin' @ everything you Holiday-ers shared! Jeanne S.

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Dollbaby's sparkly shoes are adorable! And of course your Easter decorations as well. Love your cloche!! You'll have fun doing it often with different things. You had a wonderful Easter with all the family and grandkids, I'm so happy for you.

I let the Easter Bunny down this year, totally. And also Teagan. Boy, she's been getting ignored lately with my lack of decorating. ;o( Hanging my head in shame.

I'm so glad you got a chance to show us what you did, and especially to see Dollbaby. She never fails to make me smile.

hugs, Karen repeat another post, I HATE the "new" Photobucket. It really STINKS!!!!

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Jeanne, this is so fun to come here and see your post tonight after a day of hard work. Love your shelf and buffet all decorated. Big brown bunny is always a hit. What are the green long stems, candle holders? I like them. Neat runner all of this is setting on.

Pictures of you and sis and bunny on the back of the cupboard is sweet. So is the card your DD made. Wish I would of kept all the cards little sis made.

Where on earth did you come up with the handmade stained glass light? I'd love to see more pictures. I have come to love old things. There is a curved glass curio cab for sale that I would own if I didn't have to work tomorrow.LOL

Just lovin' all the bunnies, eggs, barnwood pic and frame, cloche. So many fun things and then you share another vine tree.Woohoo Dollbaby's monkey outfit w/hat and those shoes are so stinkin' cute. Tray all decked out as usual.

Wonderful job, girlfriend and thanks ever so much for not giving up. Like other changes in our lives, we'll all get use to the new photobucket one day.YIKES!


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Jeanne thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!
I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with Photobucket.
It seems no one is happy with the new and improved version.
The candle sticks? on the buffet are really pretty,. and I love the fairy in the cloche.
Dollbaby looks so cute in her Easter outfit.and those sparkly shoes are the best.
I'm glad you were able to spend Easter with family. .I'm sure they loved your decorations as much as I enjoyed looking at them.
thanks again for sharing

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Jeanne...can't believe I wrote a whole post to you here and then 'poof' it was gone!
Well...I just wanted to say I'm glad you got a chance to
show your 'Belated Easter'...wouldn't be the same w/o
seeing your lovely decorations.
Always enjoy seeing the old photo of you and your never fails to make me smile. All your vignettes are done so tastefully and so nice to see. You never fail in finding the sweetest outfits for Dollbaby and set up the cutest tray-scapes for her...I espec love her new/old plate.
Love the new vine tree you found...I'm 'green' over it! lol
Since I've been in 'limbo' with my house up for's been a joy to come here and 'live' thru all of my GW friends!
Thanks for sharing Jeanne... I always enjoy what you do.

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The trayscape is so cute!! Especially the bunny photographers!
Dollbaby looks pleased as punch in her monkey outfit and sparkly shoes!
The cloche is fab and will be fun to change the decor in it for the seasons.
It is all just fun to look at and see all of your attention to detail (or bunny tail, LOL) You put so much thought and effort into everything and it shows.


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Thanks, Holiday-ers...for all your kind comments...I am very slow this holiday season ... the virus bugs have hit around here & takes time to kick 'em...soon, I hope.

punk ... the walnut/stained glass hanging lamp is handmade by the original carpenter that made the buffet & table. We were luck enough back in 1985 @ my hubby's gr'parents estate sale to buy the buffet/table & brought it home strapped to the top of our camper...can ya believe that! Anyway, the light was hanging in my hubby's Dad & Mom's cabin in Minnesota & he gave it to us since it originally was made w/table/buffet. Isn't that just cool! The carpenter was Larry's gr'ma's brother-in-law & he died in 1938@ the young age of 44(born 1894) ... so all of this was handmade sometime in his married life to my hubby's gr'ma's sister. I have a handwritten letter from this sister back in 1985 telling us the history ... she was pretty old back then & shared it with us.

Ok, I've rattled on ... the runner is new last yr from TJMaxx ... can get bargains @that store! I am looking forward to decorating that lil' vine tree some for Summer, too. :-) Thanks again, friends. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, what awesome heirlooms and story involving relatives making both of these. How will you decide what child will end up with these? DD's husbands grandather made awesome Victorian living room furniture. They have a set of it at his aunts home in the basement. I keep telling them they need to go get it as there are 6 children in that family. They don't have the desire right now but I'm sure it will be to late when they do.

I love TJ Maxx and shop there every chance I get. Do you still have snow? Ours is gone but it's still cold. Well 40's. That's still cold after enjoying 60's for awhile.


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Thanks, punk .... we have some other pcs of furniture that we hope will stay in the family my gr'ma's cedar chest & treadle sewing I'm hoping the kids will find a desire to keep a few things.

Snow is gone, cool weather, rainy & windy here ...way below normal temps but we're at least not getting snow like in our neighboring state above, Minnesota! I think Mother Nature has been replaced by this guy! LOL! Jeanne S.

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punk...I was lookin' thru PBkt @Spring pics from the past ...I'm putting away Easter ...& saw this pic of that handmade hanging light over the table that goes w/buffet we talked about. Not a great pic, but you get the general idea...the chain links are handmade wood, too. :-)

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Jeanne, I think your right on track "I think Mother Nature has been replaced by this guy!" We just got home from a softball game and it was windy and sooo cold. Isn't baseball for Summer?

Love that lamp. Never seen a chain like that befoe.WOW It amazes me how much work use to be put into making things years ago.

So neat that you have more for your children to inherit and cherish for generations. Both of our kids can have and old tredle sewing machine even tho they aren't handed down from the family.

Thanks for sharing and keeping in touch.


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