Wolf 48 or Thermador 48 Dual Fuel

scaredrenoApril 30, 2014

I'm considering both options. Leaning towards Wolf but the thermador package is nice. if you get a range, free dishwasher and if you get a fridge, free ventilation. If I get a wolf, I will most likely have to get a counter depth fridge instead of a built in.

I heard thermador's customer service isn't that great so the idea of having all thermador products in my kitchen gives me pause.

Another question, are built-in fridges worth the money. It's just looks right?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance all.

Finally, anyone have a hot water dispenser? Any recommendation for faucet and system?

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I am building a house and went with the thermy package...just couldnt pass up that deal. I read a bunch before picking and I hope I luck out and get well behaved appliances lol. I havent had them installed yet so cant give you any more info. I got the pro grand steam oven and the built in 42 fridge. Paid the small fee for the upgrade to the best dishwasher and got the free 54" built in style vent and remote mount 1000cfm blower.

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Read about the blue chipping issue with Wolf on this forum.
Some people consider a frig a big cold box and are happy with a traditional frig and others want the built in look. We had to have counter depth because the full depth type stuck out in a doorway. Some people can push a wall back and make the full depth frig counter depth although not built in.

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Making same decisions myself. Hard great things about the thermador columns. The built ins are rebranded kitchen aids for more $$$ and aren't that great, least what I was told. I would go for the all gas wolf option since it doesn't have the blue enamel. Still undecided myself, but I agree the thermador package is enticing! I personally like the look of their range vs wolf

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^The KA/Whirlpool built-ins are actually pretty good, but it's true they aren't quite on the same level as SubZero builtins or the T'dor columns

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FWIW, I think the statement that the Thermador built in fridge is a rebranded KA is incorrect.

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^The side by sides are. I believe the french doors are a BSH design like the columns.

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