Vanities are tall, not comfort

nikkidanApril 29, 2012

We are building a new home, and I'm afraid I've made a terrible mistake.

We are not moved in yet, but yesterday we moved all of our big furniture into the garage and bonus room to get it out of storage. So we were able to spend a good amount of time there yesterday. That is when I noticed that my vanities are taller. I haven't measured yet, but I'm pretty sure they are counter height.

Now, I remember a short phone conversation with my cabinet maker a while back, and she asked me if I wanted my vanities "comfort height". Well, I didn't know what that was, I assumed vanities were just "vanity height", and that comfort height was something special/different than a regular vanity, so I said no, just make them regular height. Meaning whatever height a vanity usually is. And I guess I was stupid not to inquire further. Well, she took "regular height" to be counter height apparently, while I thought regular height was "vanity height" in my terms.

Now after looking into vanities a bit more, it seems comfort height is the normal height of a vanity, and I got counter height, because I misunderstood. I don't know if I should say something, or if there is even anything they can do about it now that they are all installed.

My husband is tall 6'5", kids are 5 and 8, but are tall for their age and more than likely will be tall kids. I'm 5'5", but i'm least worried about myself, I can deal with it (I think), since it was a mistake on my part.

I'm bummed because we were just to where the kids didn't need a step stool in the bathroom anymore, and now they will again.

Any advice for me? Anyone out there have the taller vanities and have some good news for me, as to why I will like them? I'd like to find a good reason to just keep them and enjoy them, rather than regretting having them! Or is there anything my cabinet maker can even do to shorten them? I'm thinking he probably can't.


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The taller vanities are called "comfort height" for a reason: you don't have to bend over so far to wash your face. I am 5' 7" and like them MUCH better. I think you and your husband will like them very much. Kids grow up fast, so even if you do need a step stool for another couple of yours, you will all be happier in the long run with the high vanities.

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How tall are they? I would have thought comfort height would be taller, like counter height in the a comfort height toilet is taller. Perhaps she gave you taller by accident. Why don't you call and see how tall they make comfort height and if it's the same as yours, then it was their mistake. Here is an old thread with some good info.

Here is a link that might be useful: tall vanities

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A 36" high vanity is SO much more comfortable to use! The old 32" high ones are back breakers to me. I'd be pleased that the "mistake" gave me something better than you originally intended!

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They are perfect for a tall family. Give them some time and see if you get used to them. I'd be surprised if you don't. Kids just get taller...

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Dont go by 'descriptions' or 'marketing' terminology. Use measurements. 36" or taller are the norm given that population has grown taller.

See that is comfortable for you and get those. You can add taller feet (or bases) if you have already bought the vanities.

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nikkidan comfort height is actually taller than a regular vanity. Hmmmm. I'll have to call and see. I'm going to go measure them this afternoon and see exactly how high they are. Will be interesting to see what she says.

Well,'ve all made me feel a bit better about it. I just know that now, the top of our vanity here is right at about hip-height for me, so when I lean in close to the mirror, it's perfect. I'm going to see how that works for me when I go to the new house later today. I guess I've never had an issue bending over to brush my teeth.

Spose I'll have to shop for some cute step stools for the kids now ;-).

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To me kitchen counter height vanities are so much more comfortable to use, and I would think that they would be more comfortable for just about any adult, except maybe someone who is very short. A standard vanity is basically the same height as your kitchen table. Unless you are sitting down to brush your teeth, it's really pretty far to bend down to. It's my theory that the shorter height is the result of the times when indoor plumbing first came in and most homes only had one bathroom. The shorter vanity height would have accommodated both children and adults.
An added bonus of the taller vanities is that you gain more storage beneath them.

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We had all three vanities in our house made so they would be counter height (36" incl the sinktop). I'm 5'3" and DH is 5'8.5" and we love the taller vanities. The 36" height is a good height in the kitchen, and it's been working out well for us in the bathrooms as well.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I made the same mistake and did not pay enough attention to vanity height. I remember mentioning it to cabinet maker, but did not follow through. Now we are stuck. They are fine for many things but I hate hate hate it every time I wash my face and no matter how low I put my face down into the sink, the angle my arms are at causes the rinse water to run down my arms to my elbows. Not so bad in the summer, but awful in winter...I've gone to bed many nights with damp pj sleeves!

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In case you aren't sure if you would like the 36 inch tall vanities, go brush your teeth and wash your face at the kitchen sink.

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Have the higher height in our master bathroom and love it. The kids bath have the regular lower height and I can feel the difference in my back if I use that sink.

To annie, use a washcloth. If you splash water on your face you get your arms wet no matter what sink/vanity you use.

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I'm with Annie D! I actually made our vanities 33" instead of 36, because I also HATE the water running down my arm and dripping all over off my elbows. I was glad to see someone else had that problem! Now if we had back problems I might have made a different decision. Fingers crossed for aging well!

That said, you and your ilk are pretty darn tall, and I think 36" will be perfect for you. My people aren't that tall ;)

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We have the tall vanity. My 6 yr old (tall for her age) is able, and has been able, to use the vanity without a stool. My 3.5 yr old still uses a stool. But, I am thinking it actually wont be a problem for you (unless you've got those above counter bowl sinks or something. In that case, I'd replace the sink.)

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24 years ago I married into a family whose bathroom vanities were all "weirdly" tall. (Like your husband and children, they are a tall family.) Now they are all the rage. My MIL was a smart cookie. She discovered all on her own how comfortable it is to have all counters in a house as tall as kitchen counters are, and had them all swapped for Kitchen counters. She had to fight hard all the "design experts" I too worry about small children and those transition years. Many bathrooms do not have room for a step stool to be hanging out. Nothing works for EVERYONE. I too am confused by your GC's terminology. We discovered there are several bathroom counter heights. "comfort" and kitchen are the same in my mind. "Normal" bathroom vanity height would be old school TOO LOW in my understanding. By and large I would say the majority of your bathroom users will appreciate the kitchen counter height sink in the bathroom. EMBRACE it!! On the plus size when we would visit her counter was long enough to accommodate a changing station. No bending over on a bed to change the baby while visiting. It was WONDERFUL!!

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