How difficult to replace tile?

attofaradApril 29, 2013

How difficult is it to replace a tile without accidentally chipping adjacent tiles? The one in question only has tile above and to the left -- the vanity below can be moved out of the way, and there is an un-tiled wall to the right, perpendicular to the tiled wall.

The tile juts out too far one one end. Some of the others are a bit off, but this one is the worst, and is in the most noticeable place. More obvious in person than in the photo. The tiles are about 12"x36"

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I did it on a 4x4 tile a while ago. It wasn't that difficult, but I was trying to replace a broken tile on an old bathroom floor. Your gorgeous wall tile will probably be a bigger challenge.

First I taped off the surrounding tiles. Then I used a grout saw and cut along the edges of the broken tile. Next, I used a chisel and hammer and very slowly and gently broke into the offending tile and chiseled it all out. I actually used dental tools to get the last pieces out (you can get dental tools from the art supply store - sculptors use them). If you take your time and are gentle, you can do it. However, getting the backing level enough so the replacement tile is set exactly how you need it to be is going to be a lot of careful sanding work. It's possible your end result might not be any better, or you end up nicking another tile.

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Thanks Christa. It is really the possibliity of nicking the adjacent tile that has me concerned. The nominal grout line is (supposed to be) just 1/16" An experienced tile guy would do the work, not me. I have several extra tile, and they are current production so I could get more.


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