Armoire for a friend's DGD

christmascandyApril 20, 2013

I have been helping a friend of mine paint an old oak armoire for her DGD.
It is not quite done yet, but almost:

The door is not attached yet, so my friend is holding it in place.
We painted a message inside for her DGD:

The side view:

Every other drawer got a colored oval to mimic the
oval mirror, and a floral motif around the oval. Michael's had the colored crystal pulls, so we matched the pulls to the oval color:

She is currently spraying it with a satin poly and when it is done, she is inviting me over to be there when she has her daughter over to see/get it. The DGD is only 2, so she won't be too impressed yet, but her daughter is very excited to see it.


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Candy this is Darling!
A lot of work and love went into making this Armoire into a work of Art.
The message inside is just precious.
What a neat idea to match the drawer pull colors to the ovals.
Your friend's DGD is a lucky little girl!
Thank you so much for sharing. It was nice to see something so bright and cheerful, especially after all that has happened this past week.

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It's a great armoire and painted beautifully -- very cheerful! I agree that the message inside is precious.

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I Love It! What a lucky little girl to have this to enjoy while growing up. Your friend is so lucky to have a friend who shares her talent w/her. Wonderful choices on the pattern and colors.

It's amazing how cheap the armoires are right now . Enjoyed seeing this. We bought DGD a little house with shelves similar to this. Next time I'm up there, I'll take a picture and share.


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That is wonderful. You are so talented.

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That is so lovely, great job on the color selection as well as on the painting. I'm sure this will be treasured. Luvs

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Incredible transformation! Beautiful colors and designs.
That little bitty girl is going to grow up loving it for years to come! Meanwhile, I know her Mommy will enjoy it just as much now. It would sure make me smile just to see it every day!

I'm so glad you could share pix with us, I've wondered what it would end up looking like. Tho couldn't have imagined anything so delightful as this.

hugs, Karen

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Wow, a princess wonderland! Yes, that Mommie is going to love this, uh, designed with love! Great transformation for that lil one, Candy ... TFS! Jeanne S.

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Well, that little girl may not be impressed now, but I AM, and I am sure she will in due time! Absolutely gorgeous!

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Thanks ladies.
This has been a really fun project. My friend had the armoire and knew she wanted to paint it, but had no idea how or where to start.
I met her for lunch before I saw the armoire and the Michaels store was near the restaurant, so I did some scouting before we met. I found the colored drawer pulls, told her about them, and we went there after lunch. She really liked them, so we chose paint colors that would coordinate with the pulls, and then brainstormed how to paint the piece.

I took some decorating books with me and she picked out ideas she liked and then we went from there.

We had a couple of tries that didn't work, so we just painted over them and kept at it until we both liked the results.

I sketched out the checkerboards, and she painted them while I worked on the ribbons, roses, vines, and other small details.

She is thrilled with the result and although it was supposed to be a birthday present for her DGD in August, she can't wait til then to give it to her.

Her DD is very excited about it, but didn't want to see it until it was done, so it would be a surprise.

My friend has some other DGD's and hinted there may be more collaborative projects for them, once they see this one. LOL

Sure glad we had some fun with this as we are supposed to get another snowstorm tomorrow!! It has snowed every week since we got home from Palm Desert!! This will make 3 weeks in a row! We desperately need the moisture, but I would prefer rain over snow. Isn't the saying April SHOWERS bring May flowers?? LOL


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What a lovely piece and painted just beautifully!
I love the soft colors and all the sweet details.
A real 'girly girl' piece that both Mama and lucky little DGD will love and treasure always.

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Marlene Kindred

Such a beautiful armoire! You did a fantastic job! What an awesome gift for your friend's DGD.

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GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing.

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