Our Easter Decor

maximavswifeApril 1, 2012

I have two bins of Easter decor. I took everything out of both then went back and edited and put a bin full away until next year. I am REALLY trying hard to not buy anymore but there is so much cute stuff out there lol!

Here's what made the cut for 2012.


Here is a link that might be useful: Easter Decor 2012

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Kath, your buffet is so pretty all decorated for Easter. So many sweet bunnies. Your F&F plate and pitcher is so cute. I love your new lamp shades you found. The wire bunny was a steal and so neat. I will probably find more new things after Easter that I can't live w/o so I'm sure I'll add more. Heck I still have some empty totes just waiting to be filled.LOL

Nice job on your boa tree. I see all this cute stuff and always think I'm going to make something and it seldom happens any more. However, I will try to remember this and try it. Thanks!

So fun to read you found your third bunny. This is what keeps us shopping and adding to our holiday decor. You know we love seeing NEW THINGS or new to us.haha I laughed that you brought out two bins and put one away. I'm not going to get the rest of mine out this year but may be able to use some later in my spring decor. Not sure what's even out there.

I did reset my table but can't find my last lg egg. May get some pictures taken of the rest I have out this year and share.


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You saved out the 'cute' Easter things were 2012, maxi! How those sweet lil' bunnies & those lil' sheep! Love the new lampshades...yes, very Spring-y! Looks like you're ready for Easter...I have not put out anything Easter yet altho I got the bin out & added 2 baby cks to my Spring decor! ;-( The outdoor weather has been so beautiful (most of the time) ...that's where I've been! But I am lovin' comin' here & celebrating Easter with the Holiday-ers! TFS, kathe! Jeanne S.
Oh, those F&F are just way too darn ADORABLE!!!

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The Fitz & Floyd plate & pitcher are so beautiful, have never seen bunnies with such beautiful, bright flowers, also love your sheep family. You have a lot of unique Easter decorations.

I also like the skinny family, I have some for Xmas & Halloween.

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Kathe, its so nice to know you also have Bunny Fever. LOL
What a cute story about finding little Blue Boy Bunny and reuniting the family! Great find by the way!
That big rocking bunny....be still my heart. I was just in a Pier 1 last week and never saw anything like him. Tho I did come home with a pair of lovely bunny bookends I've been wanting for some time. (kept seeing them in decor on blogs and such.) I forgot to take pix of them.

Your Fitz & Floyd is wonderful. I love their things!

The only way to avoid buying more cute Easter things is to live in a cave, with no computer or catalogs either. ;o)

Punk, what is an EMPTY tote? That concept is beyond me!
hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Looks like things are hopping along at your house! Love the buffet decorations...the Fitz & Floyd bunnies are beautiful!

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Kath, this is so pretty!

I would have posted sooner, but this website has not been very cooperative for me lately. I have been having lots of problems trying to see others posts and trying to respond or post myself, GRRRRRR!!

Fortunately, today it seems to be working, which I am not, BTW, as I was supposed to go to a trade show in Pueblo today and it got moved to tomorrow due to the weather, so now I will be working tomorrow instead.
I really love the F & F set!
Your bunny family is so cute and so glad you found junior to complete the family!

I rarely get to Pier One and sure never saw anything like your rocking bunny when I have been there. I'll have to try to get by one and see what they have now.

Beautiful as usual, no surprise there. You sure have made good use of your new dining room.

Love it all,

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Thanks for sharing your Easter decor with us, Kathe.
Everything looks so pretty.
I'm sure the Bunny family is happy to be reunited in time for Easter!
I love your Fitz and Floyd I'm really becoming a fan.
I like your new lampshades too.

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Kathe...your buffet looks so pretty and
I love the 'Spring look' with the new lampshades.
I like all your sweet bunnies especialy your F&F..they're


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