Cleaning a new driveway!

pinkcarnationMay 23, 2006

I had a beautiful new driveway poured last summer and now it is dirty, due to the junk from my neighbor's Maple tree. It has dark stains all over it. It isn't a year old yet so I don't think I can power wash it yet, and was wondering if there is some way to clean it in the meantime. Any ideas???

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Is it concrete or blacktop? I'm guessing concrete. If so, I think it would be quite safe to power wash it.


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I powerwashed my driveway. A few days later two other neighbors saw the after-effect and cleaned theirs. It definitely brightens the color and in a five-year-old neighborhood, you can spot my drive from a bit up the road! It removed clay stains, oil drips, and leaf stains.

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Thanks ladies! I used to power wash my old driveway, but I just wasn't sure if it is too soon to do the new one. Yes, it is concrete and I heard somewhere that It should be a yr. old before power washing it, but I guess it is close enough!! :)

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chloedaven: What PSI is your Pressure Washer?? I no longer have access to the old one I used to use, and I cannot remember how powerful it was! Would a 1750 PSI be powerful enough for the driveway and deck??

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You won't hurt your driveway. I purchased my power washer when my concrete driveway was three months old and I wash it every week or two. I hit it hard in places with stubborn stains and it has caused no damage.


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My neighbors had a sealer applied to their concrete driveway.

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