kateskouros & Others - Comments on Your Toto Lloyd Toilets?

jmcgowanApril 14, 2011

Hi kateskouros and others who've purchased and been using a Toto Lloyd (1.6 gallon) toilet --

How do you like it? Compliments or complaints?

Thanks for your feedback, this is one of the toilets we're looking at for our renovation!

P.S. Kate, your house is stunning, each time you post pictures, they are stunning! Hope the final phase is going well :-)

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I don't know if the Lloyd has the same flush as the Soiree (Double-Cyclone). We have three 1.6 gal Soiree's. They work very well. Only issue we had, early on, was the dripping noise following flushing the toilet(s). Toto came out with a re-designed Unifit for their toilets, which addressed the drip noise (our toilets had shipped prior to the re-design). Not only did they send 3 new Unifits free of charge, but they also sent a check to help defray the cost of having the plumber uninstall and reinstall the Unifits/toilets.

Not only are the toilets good, but the company/svce dept was quite helpful.

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Oh I can't wait to hear the answers to this! We're looking to buy two Toto Lloyds in the 1.28gpf for our main and master bathrooms we're renovating this summer. I think they will go really well with the craftsman feel we're going for with it's boxy shape. I just wish they were more affordable. They have a higher price tag than the Soriee or Guinevere which have the the latest double cyclone (the Lloyds have a G-max flushing system) and they don't come with Sanagloss! Jmcgowan where are you going to order the Lloyd from and what kind of price are you getting?

As silly as it sounds I fell in love with the look of them though. At first glance they look similar to the Soriee but the tank of the Soriee is curved and they have more of a transitional feel. The Lloyd has a more defined tank lid and base, straight lines around the exterior of the bowl, and a square tank lever.

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Hi three_acres - I really like the looks of the Guinevere, but have been leaning toward a 1.6 gallon flush vs. the 1.28 from what I've read here. I'm in the metro DC area, and knowledgeable sales folks here say the Gmax is better than the newer Cyclone, but who really knows??!! Still haven't made a final decision, all I know for sure is that I want an elongated, skirted toilet from Toto, and not something too contemporary looking, as our house is pretty traditional. I need to find a Lloyd so I can see it in person, but it was one of the finalists when I was checking out Toto's website. And then I also saw that kateskouros got these, and I like her style.

I likely will make purchases locally, with a 25% discount or so. But I've been price shopping online just to check (and maybe with a call you can get better pricing?) - but the irawoods.com website looks pretty good -- large selection and good pricing. (I have no affiliation, just found them through google and other sources.)

I agree, I like the Sanagloss feature, but a lot of folks on Gardenweb have said they can't tell a huge difference (but maybe I've missed some posts on this?) -- let me know what you hear.

We are hoping to start construction soon. Good luck with your project, hope it goes well! I think the look of the Lloyd will be perfect for your reno :-)

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i can't wait to let you know! we are STILL not in. the toilets are installed and look great ...i hesitate to say "beautiful" since they are still only toilets. the lloyd's use the GMax flush. that's all i know for now, sorry. i'll give a review once i've taken it out for a ride...

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Just installed the Lloyd toilet, and matching pedestal sink in our powder room and we LOVE it. no complaints. have used other totos in our renovations as well and have had no complaints. love the lloyd!

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Thanks, Kate, for giving us an update once you're in your BEAUTIFUL home!! And chesterkit, thanks for the feedback, that's good to know!

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Hopefully some of these posters are enjoying their new bathroom and have some additional comments. I am thinking of the Lloyd mainly because we can get a matching bidet in the biscuit color. Just hoping I don't miss the cyclone flushing system that other models have. Any comments appreciated. Remodel started today....

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Bump -- any new comments?

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i'm glad you bumped this post, jmcgowan! i'd forgotten all about it. i think out of all the toto's we have in the house i prefer the lloyds. they definitely seem "beefier" in appearance with very nice lines. the Gmax flush always gets the job done and even though they seemed very pricy to me (for a toilet) we have no regrets. it was either the lloyd or the soiree and in the end -even though i've heard good things about the cyclone flush of the soiree, i wanted the tried and true Gmax flush of the lloyd for the master.

and here they are ...lloyd and lloyd. i did get a fancy bidet-type toilet seat for mine but the GC hasn't managed to install it yet. and really, what do i expect after three years? beggars can't be choosers.

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