More Bunnies Hoppin' at My Place

jeannespinesApril 3, 2011

Worked on some Spring/Easter decor today ...Spring has sprung! Got a little bit done on the porch table...this is the start of a t''s the centerpc:

These 2 bunnies I got for $6 for pair at a TS in Feb...they definitely found their home here (being country-lookin' bunnies!)...made of a lightwt paper-mache type medium:

Here's a little closer view...the runner is a handmade weaved rug I purchased few yrs ago at a craft bazaar:

And here's those Easter wood "blocks" with the vintage bunnies & chicks...I think they're really quite wonderful...HLobby buy 50% off $7.50:

I'm looking over my plates & such & will be doing a t'scape w/these "country bumpkins!"

While at HL a wk ago, I couldn't get past the shelves of soft Easter bunnies & stuffed animals...50% off this little girl bunny came home w/me for $3.50...she's joining the cake pedestal countertop vignette I finished last yr's:

Here's the cake plate pedestal w/bunny planters:

Side view:

On the countertop ledge across I added some white bunnies...S&P shakers & egg under a cloche..."Enablers R Us" influenced this vignette:

Closer view:

And this centerpc for the DR table is a know I collect these boy/girl planters & I happened on these 2 on e-bay & got them really reasonable...I'm going to put fresh flowers in their baskets...the rectangular platter is a pc of that old Gabriel pottery I got last summer at a GS:

I hope there are plenty of "bunnies" hoppin' at your place soon, too! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Whoops, I see I repeated a's the one that shows wood Easter blocks up closer: :-)

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Jeanne, I have done that before too, where I repeated a picture, so I know how easy it is to do that.

I love your country bumpkin bunnies, I would have bought them too!!
In fact, based on how many of us have similar tastes, it's probably good we don't live closer and shop together or we'd be fighting over the finds!! LOL

You have some darling bunnies and those swirly eggs are really catching my eye!

Easter is sure getting ready to "hoppen" at your house!


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You have a lot of really neat bunnies hopping around! Do you ever put anything in your planters? I have some rabbit and turkey planters that I never know what to do with.

I love your Easter blocks and coverall-bunnies. I also like the vignette with the bunny planter and eggs. I agree with Candy, we'd all be grabbin' from each other so it's a good thing we're together on the forum but separate in the stores!

- Magpie

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Awwwww Geee they are all so darn sweet. Those little bumpkins look great with your new blocks. I like the white ones with the cloche, simple yet pretty. How wonderful you found such adorable new children planters for your collection. And you know the pink bunny and eggs vignette is my cup of tea. Love it all.

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Jeanne, your new brown bunnies are pretty neat and look nice on your weaved rug. The Easter blocks are so sweet with them and the bowls. Great start on your Easter table.

I'm really lovin' your pink vignette. Your new bunny is adorable. The eggs look like choc. and good enought to eat. White vignette is so pretty with all the white bunnies and cloche. I'm still on the lookout for a bell jar. They are so pretty when decorated.

Your little boy and girl planters are darling and look good sitting on the Gabriel pottery. Sounds like some more neat ts coming soon.


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You have some terrific bunnies, Jeanne. The pink cake stand decor is a favorite vignette of mine.
The pink bunny planter is so cute and one I've never seen anywhere before. Those Bumpkin Bunnies were just calling your name!! They are a great find.

Hobby Lobby here didn't have the Easter blocks, I looked.
And while they had some cute stuffed Easter animals, they didn't have the bunny you bought or I'd have brought her home too! She is sooo sweet and chubby, makes me smile.
I try to avoid even looking at Stuffies as I'm a sucker for them, but when HL puts them in the middle of an aisle its hard not to look. I kept my hands in my pockets tho.
Plus I'd just bought an older Brinns collectible one from eBay. Its a bear being an Easter bunny, LOL, and I think it was her wearing the bunny slippers that did me in.

So, don't you love the way bunnies multiply and give us more to decorate with?
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne..those paper mache bunnies are so nice and were truly a great find. They go perfectly with your HL blocks.
I think your soft girl bunny is adorable and looks great with your cake stand vignette...that I love so much.
The boy and girl planters are so sweet. I like that they're all white and think they'll look nice with fresh flowers in them. The vignette with the white vintage bunnies is sweet too.
You did some nice 'Hoppin' at your place!!

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How could anyone not just love the pair of bunnies? And they go so well with your blocks and runner too. The eggs with the swirls are so pretty, really do look like some chocolate waiting to be eaten. That sweet little cloth bunny is so cute too. When I saw your white boy and girl, I immediately thought of them waiting to start their easter egg hunt! Can't wait to see your tablescapes when completed. Luvs

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Thanks, holiday-ers!

candy & punk...the swirly chocolate lookin' eggs (yes, punk, they look good enough to eat!) are from HLobby last yr ...50% sale, I am sure! The eggs in the white pottery dish with bumpkin bunnies are bright colored alabaster eggs...I would like some more! That bell jar over the egg is a HLobby buy for 40% coupon...I've been lookin & lookin' but it's still a little big for Dollbaby's I used it on counter ledge.

magpie...I put colored marbles in my planters sometimes...there's some purple ones in that pink planter on the counter & live cut flowers sometimes.

PM...I LOVE your new purchase...Bear Bunny w/Bunny Slippers! SWEET!

frou & jane..."pinks"...yes, I always think of you, frou...glad you like the cake pedestal...& jane, I'll be doing some additional tweaking on the boy & girl planters...I have a pink boy like this one (but not the girl) & I have pink pair (like these white ones & a pink planter of them attached tog)'s pic from last yr:

Thanks for commenting, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, It all looks great.
Those new bunnies are just adorable. Love the delectable looking eggs with the white rabbit.
Can't wait to see more.

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Jeanne...I'll be looking to see what you do with your B&G planters. I remember your pink ones and also the others from last yr...I simply love them. I was able to purchase one a couple of yrs back, for practically nothing at a Flea (dutch girl planter). Since then, I'm always on the look out for more, but the once I see now are very pricey.
I guess I was very lucky(and now spoiled) with finding one for so little.


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I am filled with bunny envy! Despite what DH thinks, I clearly do not have enough bunnies! I love the Easter blocks with the vintage bunnies on them! Everything looks so sweet!


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Marlene Kindred

Love all of these bunnies too Jeanne! The country bunnies look like "Peter Rabbit" variety and the soft pastels of the pink and white ones are so sweet! LOVE the Easter letters too...Victorian feel is my favorite.

Thanks for Sharing!

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PM, love your Beary Bunny you found. Just so cute.

Jeanne, so glad you shared these colored folks again from last year. They are adorable.


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Thanks, luvs...what a good idea...never thought of those boy & girl planters "looking for eggs!" Cute idea!

Maxi...yeah, I know, that "bunny envy" is contagious here!

Marlene...glad you are sharing over her on Holiday forum, too...a great bunch!

punk &'s the other girl & boy planters that I have ... & jane, I like a bargain, too...if I can get these for $10 or under (w/shipping or store purchase), I feel like I am getting a good I did get at a flea mrkt for considerably less. I pd more for the very 1st one at an antique store in MN some yrs ago. Here's the other pics I've shown before:

Thanks for your sweet comments, everyone! Jeanne s.

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Jeanne, I'm so glad you posted your B@G planters again! I wasn't here at this time last year so they are new to me. They are so sweet.

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nana...thanks...I missed you above when you commented earlier, too...yes, it's fun to see pics re-posted cause I am always seeing something NEW or something I forgot! LOL! Jeanne S.

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