my Wolf induction experience

merryechoApril 25, 2013

Finished my new kitchen about a year ago. Had so much help from this forum that I want to share my experience so far. I thought I would get a commercial style range, as I have had before, but went with a Halogen cooktop because we only get propane here, no natural gas line. LOVE cooking with halogen. A big pot of cold water boils in just over a minute.
But- on the negative side, when I try to sautee something on high heat- say scallops- the burner shuts itself off after a couple of minutes. This wouldn't be so bad if the indicator light turned off, so you know the heat is gone, but the light stays on high- so you don't know you haven't been cooking until everything is cooling.
I assume this is some kind of overheat protection circuit, but they need to at least give you a beep when it happens.
Second- just shy of one year after installation I was cooking on 3 burners when there was a huge flash bang. That was the end of my cooktop. Wolf was very good about it (I was within my warranty period) and replaced the whole unit. The repairman did say he had to argue with them a bit though, explain that repairing would cost twice price of a new unit.
Wonder what would have happened if it was out of warranty?

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Halogen is not Induction ! Could you clarify ?

Halogen uses lightbulbs, and to my knowledge there are no cooktops using this still on the market.

Induction uses a magnetic field to heat the pot you're using to cook.

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Agreed - please clarify if you have halogen or induction.
They are very different.
My Wolf is about a year old also.
It does not shut off cooking scallops - I use a high heat to sear those babies.
So far, no flash bangs -and keeping my fingers crossed.

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