Hoover Floormate, Shark Mop/canister or Bissell Steam Mop

rosetroiMay 18, 2008

I can't decide on the Hoover Floormate, the Shark Mop or Canister or the Bissell Steam Mop. We will be moving into a 4800 sf house in August that will be about 1/2 tile so I'm trying to decide on what to get to clean my tile. Currently just use bucket and mop but don't have alot of tile and it's so hard to keep grout clean unless I literally scrub it so want to be ready with the right cleaning appliance when we move in. Some people like the Shark but think it's flimsy others like their Bissell and lately have heard good things about the Hoover but that they dont' last very long. Your advice greatly appreciated.

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Phobie Privett

There are many large posts here about the benefits of each of the products you mentioned. If you do a search, you find lots of good info and reviews from people who use them everyday. I will say, however, that there don't seem to be many people who use the shark/euro-pro canister steam mop. That is what I have. I got it from Lowe's for $99. It is NOT the same type of appliance as the bissell or the shark mop. Those are "stick" type mops. The shark canister looks like a small canister vacuum. It holds enough water to steam for about 45 minutes. I also have a new large home and lots of tile. I would recommend that you make sure that your grout is sealed properly. That will ease alot of worries. I have several large areas of tile, and I can mop pretty much everything without having to refill (and wait 15 minutes for it to heat up). So basically, I'd say I can mop everything in much less than an hour. It's ALOT less strenuous than conventional mopping. It doesn't use chemicals, either. I never noticed how much that smell bothered me until I quit using lots of cleaning chemicals! It seems to do a VERY good job cleaning the tile. Of course, you still have to sweep first, but I just use a large dust mop and that doesn't take but just a few minutes. The shark also has attachments that are good for cleaning the crevices around toilet seats, corners, etc. There's ALOT of things you can use it for. I haven't had much luck with mirrors, for some reason, though. The only downfall I have with my steam mop is that it only comes with one microfiber pocket (you can flip it over and use both sides). But I use 2-3 when I clean my whole house. I had to order an extra pack from the company and it took 12 weeks to come in. You will DEFINATELY need a couple of packs to do your house. Hope that answers your questions. Good luck.

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Ooooohhh! I really want to know the answer to this question as well! I've read about these 3 items on this forum, and wondered if they would work better on my floors (hand scraped hardwoods) than a microfiber mop. Cleaning the slight grove in the wood might be similar to grout. Isn't there a Euro Steam canister that people also like? I'm mostly cleaning dust and dog hair.

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I don't know much about the steam mops and such. We have a LOT of tile in our home. First, make sure your grout is dark, I would never have light grout again as in my first tiled home. Second, make sure it's sealed when new. Third, don't wear "outdoor" shoes inside the house. You would be amazed how clean your home stays if you remove your shoes at the door. I've lived this way for 20 years and my home is always cleaner than anyone else's just from the no shoes rule.

I used to laugh at my grandmother, she would take a wet paper towel and wipe off my dog's feet when I brought him to her house. But she had a good point! She wiped off people's shoes, too, at least those of family members. I've taken it a step further with the no shoes inside.

My latest floor-cleaning discovery is the iRobot Roomba 550 from Costco. Have had it about a week now and I'm madly in love with the thing. It's perfect for both tile and carpet. My floors are much improved already. My next wish is for a Scooba, the floor mopping robot.

My suggestion is get a Roomba for starters. And don't use a lot of "products" on your tile that just end up depositing a film.

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After obsessing for months about it, I decided to take the path of least resistance and bought the Shark Steam Mop from Linens 'N Things ($63.99 using 20% off coupon)...not much of an investment and easy to return. The main hang-up I had was my desire to find an appliance that would help with the maintenance of the wide, rustic grout in my tile and safely clean my wood flooring.

If you search the forum you will find a plethora of information and opinions. For what it's worth, here is mine. The SSM performed well on my tile and wood flooring. I intentionally used it a day following a very good floor mopping by my housekeeper and I was amazed by the soil deposited on the microfiber pad. Both the tiled areas and the wood flooring were squeaky clean afterwards, but I was disappointed that the grout did not particularly benefit.

Nevertheless, it will be very useful appliance for daily "once overs" on my floors and I will just have to keep scrubbing the grout with cleaner and a brush until I find the magic tool.

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I use the shark steam mop and it is soo much easier and faster to clean my tile floors. It heats up in less than 30 seconds, but the water container is small so you are constantly having to go back to the sink to fill it back up. That is really annoying, but it works well and I barely scrub so I love it.

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I've noticed that various ads for the shark mop say to not use it on no-wax floors. Is this true?? Aren't most lineoleum floors these days no-wax? I wonder how it would harm them?

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