How to remove bird dropping stains from painted surface?

cas66ragtopMay 10, 2011

Does anyone know a good way to remove bird dropping stains from a painted surface? A car in particular. This stuff is very acidic, and even though I clean it as soon as possible, it still leaves a stain - seems like the acid burns right into the clear coat. I have tried mineral spirits, Fantastik, tire bleach-white, I even got some professional scratch removing cleaning wax, thinking I could buff the clear coat back out - nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

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I'd flood it with water from a hose, then scrub lightly with a scrubbrush, buff dry with a soft cloth. I know what you mean about bird droppings being acidic and eating away the shine.

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My last car was white, and bird droppings would leave pink stains on the car, that I couldnt scrub off. I found that if I left it parked in the drive, rather than the carport on a rainy day, that the rain, removed the stains.

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Were it me I would ask at the auto parts store; at an Autozone sort of place.

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